Summary: Some people are fools according to God’s Word.


A) Some people are fools ... There is no doubt at all in my mind!

* I’m certain that I have met a few! * However, I don’t go around calling everybody I meet a fool!

* I don’t know enough about them! * The only person I know who has the knowledge and

authority to call a man a fool and back it up is God!

* He’s the one who calls men fools! * He just points out a fellow and says .......

* “See that man right there ... Look at the way he lives, the things he does, the places he goes, that

man’s a fool.” * I say, “Amen Lord, You’re right.”

B) And when God calls a man a fool, that’s final, he is one!

* He may have an I.Q. of 140 ... Have a PHD and be a professor in a university .......

* If God says he’s a fool, he’s a crackpot, he’s a nut!

C) This man in this parable was just such a fool! * He was a smart man ... He had to be!

* No man ever got rich farming without some know-how! * He was a hard worker!

* He was conservative with his money! * Now he was ready to retire while yet a young man!

* This man would’ve been an outstanding member of any community, yet God called him a fool!

* Why? * I think I know the reason why!

D) The basic philosophy of his life was the philosophy of a fool!

* There are four foolish things in his way of life clearly seen in this parable .......


ROOM FOR GOD! * This man was not an atheist!

A) Of course, the man who is an atheist is a fool ... Psalm 14:1; Psalm 53:1 .......

* The man who denies the existence of God is a number one nut! * Two things wrong with him ...

* In the first place, he will not face the evidence of plain, clear, reasonable facts as they are!

* In the second place, his black, wicked, rebellious, ungodly heart is so set against God, that he

wouldn’t believe in Him if God met him on the street and introduced Himself!

* He doesn’t want a God ... He wants to live as he pleases, have his own way, follow his lusts

and sins ... And God will not permit that!

B) God has certain moral laws and rules for living!

* The atheist doesn’t want those rules and so, he rejects them!

* If you get his selfish, sinful, filthy, immoral heart cleaned up, you’ll have no trouble with his

brains! * The problem is in his heart!

C) If people want proof that there is a God, all they have to do is open their eyes and look

around them! * Take a good look at the human body .......

* One fellow got smart and invented the camera! * I praise his genius, but God got the jump on

him ... The first camera was the human eye!

* It has the lens, the shutter, the dark box, is automatic, has all color film, and interprets the

pictures after it takes them! * God made the eye before man even thought of the camera!

* Don’t get excited over the invention of TV, you’ve had two in your head for years!

D) Another guy thought he was bright, so he made a microphone! * That’s wonderful!

* Without it, we’d have no radio, no television, and it all started with the microphone!

* Yet the most perfect microphone known to man was made by God ... The human ear!

* It picks up vibrations in the air, turns them into sounds and sends the results to the brain!

E) Somebody put together the modern telephone system ... That’s fantastic!

* But God beat them to the draw ... He made the most highly sensitive and perfect telephone

system in the world ... The human nervous system!

* Millions of tiny nerves are interwoven through your body!

* They’re so well insulated that they never get the messages tangled!

* They keep you informed about conditions around you! * Stick your finger in the fire .......

* God made that before you even saw a telephone!

F) It also repairs itself ... The body, that is, not the telephone!

* If you knock the bark off your hand, it’ll just grow some more!

* Knock the paint off your fender and see if it grows back!

* Man makes nothing as good as God does! * Ill. The automobile .......

G) The watch ... Started out as a checker ... Grew into a button ... Then into a compass ...

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