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Summary: Cornelius was: 1. Known by MEN (reputation) 2. Known to GOD(righteous) 3. No PARTIALITY with God (represented)

Open with Prayer For Garcia Family… Getting back to Character Studies… Today is Cornelius……….

Acts 10:1-4 = read & pray

Life Lessons From The Life of Cornelius:


Acts 10:1-2, 22-27

Cornelius was a man well loved and respected by his community. the book of acts sheds light on the esteem held for this man among his contemporaries, both Jew and Gentile.

We are told that he possessed leadership skills as evidenced by his position in the Roman Army as a centurion. A centurion was a commander over one hundred soldiers, therefore it was required that he possess the ability to lead.

As leaders in the Kingdom we must understand the importance of living out a good reputation… when a leader in the church falls so do many of the people that are following them… (Jim Baker/Hagart= pres. of Evangelical church countless others) when they fell the world pounced on them and thousands walked away… we have a responsibility that we MUST LIVE UP TO…

Cop-out is to say after you have been caught… well I am only human…

“Moreover he must have a good testimony among those who are outside, lest he fall into reproach and the snare of the devil.” 1Tim. 3:7

What about the believers who are not leading… well we are at some point or another leading or at the lest “demonstrating” our faith lived out or not lived out… Cornelius demonstrated great faith not only as a leader but most importantly as a believer…

We was well spoken of by the entire nation of the Jews, which was no small accomplishment considering the hostilities between these two groups

He had influence over his family and friends, as he invited them to attend a Bible study taught by Peter in his home.

It is no wonder that God choose this vessel to bring the Christian faith to the Gentile world. He was a man respected and trusted in his city… there is something to be said for obtaining and maintaining a good reputation before out communities…

“A good name is better than precious ointment. and the day of death than the day of one’s birth.” Eccl. 7:1

More will be said about your character on the day of your death than on the day of your birth… (time, size, weight…name) but when you leave this earth they will talk about what you did while you were here and the character that you leave behind…

A law- abiding citizen who shows genuine care and compassion for the neighborhood win which he lives is heard more clearly when he shares the Gospel…

“A good name is to be chosen rather than great riches, loving favor rather than silver and gold.” Prov. 22:1

The writer of the book of proverbs tells us that a good name is to be desired more than gold and silver… not for the purpose of self-exaltation, but as a testimony for God before man.

When Cornelius shared his newfound faith with his friends and acquaintances, they listened because of the integrity of his character.

How do you neighbors see you? are you representing Christ to them? if not, repent and submit your testimony to God tonight.

2. KNOWN TO GOD = (RIGHTEOUS) Acts 10:1-4

The Lord searched to and fro upon the earth to find a Gentile who had a searching heart… he found Cornelius. amidst all the polytheism and pagan worship of the Roman world, this man truly sought for the one true God.

As God searches the earth today looking for true believers amongst all the corruption, all the violence, and all the people that cut-corners trying to make it will He find in you a true believer and an honest witness?

The path of least resistance in this biblical culture was to submit to the prevailing mythology and legend that permeated all of society. But Cornelius swam against the current of the religious Roman tide and found God.

Our path of least resistance today is to give into the lies of living for yourself… if you like than do it… you need to explore what is out there in order to find what you like… that morality is based on what each individual feels is morally acceptable and NOT what the Bible says…

Are you willing to swim against the tide of society and find God? call out to Him and seek Him in prayer… we often get discouraged and wonder if God is listening and even taking notice of us… like a child at a game looking for parents…

an angel of God appeared to Cornelius and assured him that his prayers and his generous giving had ascended as a fragrant aroma to the throne in Heaven… we are told that he prayed to God continually. He, as well as his lifestyle, was known to the Lord of all the earth. He was a man who searched and desired a relationship with his creator.

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