Summary: Lessons learned from James: 1. Only the messiah is to be Worshiped 2. Greatness is achieved only thru humilty 3. sow to the Spirit and not the flesh

Thanks to everyone who pulled together and made this Easter service a success. approx. 300 people total from the service to the fellowship event… 17 re-commitments for Christ… > 13 born again believers > over 200 Kingdom seed was planted


MATTHEW 17:1-8 = Read & pray

Who could have ever explained to James what he was about to witness? Who could put into words the glorious manifestation that would unfold before his eyes? One minute Jesus stood on the mountain by Himself; and the next He was shining like the mid-day sun, and on His right and left stood Elijah and Moses.

No human had ever witnessed such a sight before, unless perhaps Moses or Abraham, but none in recent history.

James and John stood in absolute awe, but Peter, who was always quicker than the others, made a suggestion. Why not build three tabernacles: one for Moses, one for Elijah and, of course one for Jesus… Then out of the Heavens came the voice of the Father, “This is my beloved Son, Listen To Him”

James learned a valuable lesson that day, a lesson that has been taught many times throughout the Bibles pages… (Cornelius, the people of Lystra before Paul & Barnabus, and James’ brother John would learn later upon receiving the revelation…



No one, regardless of how holy or famous, is to be worshiped or held on equal plane with Jesus. Even the best that earth can offer falls short of the glory of the Son of God.

the words spoken to Moses centuries before must have reverberated in James’ spirit this night, “The Lord thy God is a jealous God, Jealous is His name.” He will not share His glory with any other, and never should a believer’s knee bow to any but God.

many voices vie for loyalty in today’s world, and numerous are the opportunities to bow at the idols of destruction, but the true believer hears only the voice of God.

I want you to know God; that’s more important than burnt sacrifices. Hosea 6:6

some worship at the false god of materialism, others at the idols of power, but only at the name of Jesus is the Christian to fall in adoration. (OLP or OTB) do we enter daily into the heavenly palace or into Ceasers Palace of gambling… to place hopes on the unsurity of a bet or do you place them on the surety of Christ.

In this generation, as in every generation, God is seeking children who will serve Him with an undivided heart. Will He find you?

Dear children, keep away from anything that might take God’s place in your hearts. 1John 5:21

many are the voices that clamor for your attention, but it is only the voice of the Master that you are to obey.


Matthew 20:20-28

An argument had arose among the twelve disciples concerning who was the greatest. (This still takes place in many churches today) James and his brother thought they should be candidates for this celebrity status.

After all, they had been present at so many of the great events so far in Masters Ministry. He (James) saw nothing wrong with securing his place in eternity at the right or left hand of Jesus.

the words of Jesus cut through the room like a sharp two-edged sword as He taught His disciples concerning greatness. the path to greatness passes through the valley of humility, and to reign you must serve.

That night the enemy called pride closed his cold fingers around the heart of James the follower of Christ, injected his mind and mouth full of self-importance… this still happens today, when pride steps in we think we are more important than we are… that we can do better than those above us… WHY HASN’T GOD PLACED YOU THERE???

we are never told how the James or the others reacted to Christ’s words, but one must assume that conviction rested on each of them and repentance followed.

1Peter 5:5-8

As James traveled the dusty roads of Israel with the Son of God, he was completely unaware of the enemy lurking in the shadows. This antagonist of all Christian virtue stalked the disciple around every corner.

He was there watching at the transfiguration, he was in the shade in Jairus’ house, and now he was about to reveal himself openly for all to see as he worked this argument to a frenzy.

James was not the last saint to fall prey to the enemy of pride; he stalks every Christian and his prey is godly humility. God is opposed to the proud, but gives grace to the humble.

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