Summary: Taking a look at Joseph. What it must of been like to raise the son of God.

The life of Joseph

Matthew 1:18-25


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As we begin the second week of Advent. I want to take a look at the life of Mary and Joseph, but centering of Joseph.

They tell us a tremendous story of being the Earthly parents to Jesus.

If you were to think of loving couples of history, most would not think of Joseph and Mary. Because most just look at them as pure vessels that God used as the Savior of the world entered in.

Because Jesus is the main character , which He should be, we forget the part that they played.(why did God pick them?)

I invite you to try to look at the Christmas story through the eyes of Joseph.

As a pastor, I have had young people come to me, tell me they are in love and that they want to get married.

Some have moonbeams in their eyes.

Som carry heavy responsibility from past relationships.

Some have no clue what they are getting into.

They get caught up with emotions, the thrill of romance, and my job is to bring them back down to earth, look objectively at their relationship and do this without being the Grinch that stole their marriage.

The Jewish culture has three stages for marriage.

The first stage is engagement:

Parents would discuss if the kids would be right fo reach other.

They would research each other, blood lines and see if it would be acceptable.

All this is done without the kids even being a part of the discussion.

The Jewish culture believed and kids accepted it that young people did not possess the wisdom to make that kind of decision, so the parents did.

You talk about a blind date, it’s like getting a surprise bag and you having to physically live with it .

The second stage is Betrothal:

Agreement to get married,

binding document was signed,

They were considered “husband and wife”.

They would not live together.

They definitely had no physical relationship.

It was a time to get to know each other.

It was a time of planning.

Time of Betrothal last about one year.


Paul Harvey tells about a airline stewardess who was being harassed by a slightly inebriated man up in the first class section who was making passes at her and trying to get her to agree to meet him in his hotel suite that night. With some difficulty she got away from him, only to encounter another man at the rear of the plane acting the same way, trying to find out where she was staying, and making suggestive proposals to her about that night. At last, the pilot announced that they were making their final approach for landing. Once again the guy in the front offered her a key to his hotel suite and begged her to meet him there. To his delight , she smiled at him and accepted his key, placing it securely in the pocket of her apron. Then she worked her way back towards the rear of the plane. When she got there she took the key out of her apron and with a big smile handed it to the other guy and said, “Now don’t be late”

We need to learn to say no.

The third stage would be the actual wedding, binding them from the engagement, but now with the physical union and privilege of marriage.

Some would say that they don’t agree with that

I believe we should pick our own spouses, but I believe if we had a binding engagement and put that kind of commitment and trust in to the relationships, there would be less hurt people, less unwanted babies, less dysfunctional families, more people’s self esteem would not be crushed by uncaring relationships.

Joseph and Mary saved themselves for each other.

The had expectations of a long and happy life together.

(V18)- “This is how the birth of Jesus Christ came about. His mother Mary was pledged to be married to Joseph, but before they came together, she was found with child”.

This has to be shock and disappointment to Joseph. We are not told how she told him.

It could of been like:

I have some good news and some bad news.

The good news

I’m going to have a baby, not only baby, but the long awaited messiah. An angel told me this

I asked the angel “how can this be possible because I have not been with a man” he said it will be conceived by the Holy Spirit.

It’s a miracle Joseph , Isn’t it terrific , Aren’t you happy for me?

The bad news

People probably won’t believe me

Can you imagine how Joseph felt?

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