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Summary: 1. Moses Experienced God’s Deliverance and Witnessed His Banner 2. He Saw The Glory of God and Wanted More. 3. He was Given the 10 and Embodied the 2

The Life of Moses pt. #3 = Exodus 13-17

Finally Pharaoh had released the Hebrews from their bondage, and 2 million of Abrahams children embarked on their long journey into the unknown.

Moses grabbed the box that contained the remains of Joseph and gave the command to begin the great exodus of the people of God from their place of bondage to their place of freedom.

But this would not be an easy journey… there would be many obstacles and even armies nipping at their heals as the walked with the guidance of God and preventing them from advancing into a place of promise… (as with us in our walks… enemy tries to trip us as we walk, and prevent us with walls of discouragement to stop our progress)

With the Egyptians at their backs and the Red Sea before them, fear invaded the hearts of the Hebrew children and they cried out in unbelief. Moses quickly sought the face of God and heard God say to him, “Stretch out your staff and see the salvation of the Lord.”

1. Moses Experienced God’s Deliverance and Witnessed His Banner

Moses obeyed and waters of the Red Sea opened and the Hebrews walked across on dry land. After the Hebrews safe passage, the waters covered the Egyptian army, and at once the THREAT WAS OVER… but there would be more… (one victory after another)

Moses was faced with a set of seemingly impossible circumstances in the form of the waters of the Red Sea and later with the army of the Infamous Amelikites… YET GOD WAS FIGHTING FOR HIM…

isn’t this the case in the believers life today? each of us face difficult waters that attempt to cast the cold shadow of fear across our hearts. We must use the staff of Jesus’ name and command the turbulent waters to part.

Isaiah 43:1-3

No Red Sea can stop the child of God who is committed to Kingdom principles and who is surrendered to the King. The waters will part when hands are lifted unto Him…

the battle of the valley was directly associated with the staff of God, lifted in the air by Moses on the mountain. For just a few moments, the arms of Moses became weary and dropped. Immediately, the battle turned against the Hebrews, Aaron and Hur quickly supported the arms of Moses, and again the with Joshua leading the fight the Hebrews began to win…

what a great lesson the children of Israel learned that day. they learned that victory had little to do with horses and swords, but intead with the blessings of God.

What a great lesson for Christians today, that victory is ours when we trust God and lift up the staff of prayer in the midst of the battle.

If you remain in Me and My words remain in you, ask whatever you wish, and it will be given to you. John 15:7

There will be times when we tire in our prayers as we WAIT for the Lord to answer, but we must do whatever is necessary to keep the prayer alive… to keep the prayer lifted up even asking others to stand in the gap for us and with us…

Human weapons have no value when we are engaged in spiritual battle. Prayer is the key to victory in the Christian life, and until every Christian comes into the understanding of this cornerstone of the faith, we will never be as successful as God intends for us to be…

The day is over for partial victory. The day is now upon us for full and complete victory that comes by prayer and consecration. The staff of prayer and the sword of Christian service will always win the battle.

What Red Sea stands before you, what army (of the past) keeps nipping at your heals? what is threatening you today? Put your trust in Him and start using your staff of prayer effectively and persistently… for Kingdom Victory in your life and in your circumstances…

2. He Saw The Glory of God and Wanted More.

Exodus 24:9-18

Moses was a man hungry for the glory of God. for once you have tasted the good things of the Lord, you will never again be satisfied with anything else.

If You are pleased with me, teach me Your ways so I may know you and continue to find favor with you… Exodus 33:13

Moses said, “show me Your Glory.” Exodus 33:18

On the mountain Moses was enveloped by the manifest glory of God, and later he was hungry for more, as he asked to know His ways.

Some might of thought that Moses was being insolent, others might have thought him foolish, while still others might have written him off as a religious fanatic. But to Moses it became his passion, to know God… to know Him more and more…

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