Summary: Christ is our daily bread

The Loaf of Life

Matthew 6:9-13

St. John 6:31-35&47-51

St. Luke 11:1 And it came to pass, that as he was praying in a certain place, when he had ceased one of his disciples said unto him, Lord, teach us to pray

What amazing instruction! What a powerful dialogue takes place between Jesus and his disciples. It is here upon this mountain that Christ gives commandments concerning the beatitudes, adultery, truthfulness, helping others, perfection, and prayer. It was safe to assume that Luke’s question to Jesus was inspired from watching him pray. The disciples had witnessed the awesome presence and aura that surrounded Jesus as he prayed.

It is vitally important to note that this prayer begins with worship. It also ends with worship. Not with praise but rather with worship. Praise is rendered to God for what he has done; worship is given because of who HE is and to venerate HIS name. Worship is the key that unlocks the gates on Heavens throne room.

Jesus speaks in verse 11 of bread; speaking also of daily bread. It seems so odd that he would use such a powerful moment to address such a carnal necessity as bread. Amid all the weighty matter that he is dealing with; he speaks of bread? The word bread comes from the Greek word artos It literally means bread and the whole bread loaf. Bread in a loaf form consist of many ingredients.

John identifies Christ as the bread of life. Jesus himself said that he was that bread. In both instances the word bread is drawn from the same Greek word. If Christ is the Loaf of Life or the Bread of Life; then every part of Christ' spirit and character make up the ingredients of the loaf.

Collisions 2:9 states “For in HIM dwelleth ALL the fulness of the Godhead bodily”.

Jesus Christ was the embodiment of the spirit of God and God himself. He had all the proper ingredients to become the Loaf of Life. He is Life!! When repeating the Lords prayer we are not merely asking for a piece of bread to eat each day. We are asking for the Loaf of Life. Give us this day our daily bread takes on a whole new dimension.

When I pray for daily bread I am partaking of everything the Jesus is and that he possesses. Salvation, blessing, comfort, encouragement, health, healing, peace, joy, and holiness all of these are just ingredients in the Loaf of Life. If I can partake of one bite of Christ daily I can live eternally.

In each piece of bread is an equal distribution of the ingredients that make up the Loaf. If all you feel that you have is a little bit of Jesus. Friend I have good news! You have HIM ALL!!!

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