Thesis: The righteous see the goodness of the Lord despite circumstances.

Intro.: Please turn to Psalm 107.

I. LOOKING AT THE TEXT. < Pausing to make comments >

A. After Verse 3.

1. This entire psalm is "compressed" in these first three verses; The rest of the psalm "unwraps" the ideas expressed here.

2. This sort of thing can be observed in other psalms:

a. Psalm 15.

b. Psalm 23.

B. After Verse 32.

1. Four groups of people in four different circumstances.

2. A pattern is present in each group:

a. Distress.

b. Crying out to the Lord.

c. The Lord saves from distress.

d. The redeemed give thanks.

C. Around Verse 39.

1. Constant reversal of fortunes: Bad (verses 33-34) to Good (verses 35-38); Bad (39-40) to Good (verse 41).

2. The verse we want to key in on is verse 42--"The upright see and rejoice, but all the wicked shut their mouths"--WHAT DO THE RIGHTEOUS SEE?


A. The righteous are able to see the goodness of the Lord despite circumstances!

1. The "love" of verses 1 and 43 is hesed--God's unrelenting covenant loyalty to his people.

2. This is the OT version of Romans 8:28.

B. Good News!--If we stick with the Lord he will stick with us!

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