Summary: The Lord’s prayer is all about submission to God. It is about dedicating my heart to becoming like God’s heart. It’s full ocntext is simple submission to the will and plan of God.

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The Lord’s Prayer

The Lord’s Prayer is a prayer about submission to Almighty God. Once we view it in that context we have a deeper understanding of why it is an important model for our prayers. A believer who understands the model and applies its principles to his attitude and his relationship with God cannot help but draw closer to God.

I. As we pray “Our Father” we submit to the relationship God desires to have with us.

In the old Testament, there are very few references to God as our Father. This is almost distinctly a New Testament Teaching. Occasionally we will see God using fatherhood as a picture, but it is almost never a title for God.

It is my own personal opinion that this is because Jesus brought along with him the authority to bring believers into the “family of God.” John declares that he gave the power to become the sons of God to those who believe in Him. (John 1:11) Paul wrote that is an important work of the Holy Spirit to cause us to cry out “Abba” or Father. (Romans 8:12-16). Salvation is the key to being able to genuinely refer to God as our Father.

As we begin to understand the proper role of a father we can understand what sort of relationship it is that He desires to have with us. A father loves his children, provides for them, and disciplines them. God wants to do all of these things for us.

II. As we Pray “Who Art in Heaven” we submit to His position as being over all.

Have you read in the book of Revelation how the Angels watch God’s judgment falling on the Earth and they STILL declare that he is Holy and Righteous? Their viewpoint of being in Heaven (as well as being in God’s presence) gives them the ability to see that God’s response to man’s sinful rebellion is just.

Heaven’s viewpoint is much different than ours. We can see our own personal circumstances and those of the world around us. However, we fail to comprehend all that is going on in the world because our viewpoint is extremely limited.

When we recognize that God’s viewpoint is unlimited, that He is above all of the strife and turmoil, that he sees how ALL of the circumstances fit together, we are prepared to worship Him as the God who sees all and truly knows all. His position in Heaven gives Him the viewpoint.

The position of being in Heaven powerfully demonstrates that God is the Supreme King and Lord. His throne is above all other thrones.

III. As we pray “hallowed by Thy name” we submit to His holy reputation.

Today, nobody is certain how we should pronounce the name of God. One of the reasons is that because of their great respect for the name of God the Jewish scribes declined to write God’s name in full, choosing to leave out the vowels. When the translators of the Old Testament came to the this problem, they were stumped for a bit. How would they translate this name into English if the vowels were missing? Their decision was to replace the name of God with the word “Lord” written in all capital letters.

The Scribes would take up a fresh pen when they wrote even one letter of the abbreviated name of God that they used. They would stop and bathe themselves after writing each letter. They did not want to disrespect the name of God in any manner. They took the commandment that we are not to use the Lord’s name in a vain manner serious.

Most of us would never swear or use God’s name as a curse word. It just would be out of character. Still, there are ways that we bring disrespect upon the name of God.

Perhaps one of the best examples of disrespect for God can be found in Isaiah 6. When Isaiah saw his great vision of the Lord in the temple, his concern for his own personal sin was in regards to his lips. He knew that he had spoken improperly. The only clue as to that improper speech was the death of Uzziah. The people (and Isaiah) apparently complained that Uzziah had been a good king and that God’s judgment had been overly harsh.

When we express doubt that God knows what he is doing we are speaking disrespect. When we doubt that God is acting in a loving manner on our behalf we demonstrate a lack of respect for the name of God. When we complain about the lot in life that God has apportioned us we are disrespecting the righteous and holy name of God.

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