Summary: The first and most important aspect of being lost, is realizing that you are lost. If you have a GPS, it will tell, “Make a u turn if possible”. Some will tell you, “Make a legal u-turn if possible”. This would be the first indication to you that you have

If a fish in taken out of water and it would definitely feel out or place or lost. If left on land, it would die within a few minutes. There are fishes that cannot survive in salt water. Also, there are fishes that can survive in many types of waters. If you have an aquarium, you have to make sure your water is hard or soft. Hard water has a high content of certain minerals magnesium, calcium and iron salts and soft water does not. If you use tap water, the biggest concern is cleaning chemicals used by local water supply authority.

Remember the first time you came to United States, things seemed new, you would have noticed road names etc. Now you take most of these things for granted.

The first and most important aspect of being lost, is realizing that you are lost. If you have a GPS, it will tell, “Make a u turn if possible”. Some will tell you, “Make a legal u-turn if possible”. This would be the first indication to you that you have lost your way and needs to get back to the right road. In spiritual life, what can tell you that you are lost? Believe it or not, there is a place called Lost in Minnesota.

I. What’s in it for me – Check your Attitude?

Luke 15:11-12. In the case of prodigal son, his path to lost living starts with individualistic statement of Give me my share. This implies two things: 1.) He assumes he deserves a share 2.) He can make use of it in a much better way than what it is now.

Don’t get me wrong, it is important for people to take responsibilities. If I say “Divide and rule”, you will all probably get the logic behind this word. The British East India Company used this technique to conquer India. It took the peace movement of Mahatma Gandhi to bring back the divisions in the country. Today, we are living in times, in which Husband and Wife’s can differ in political opinions, likes, dislikes etc. If you live in desperate conditions, there won’t be any discussion about choices. If the father of the prodigal son did not have any wealth, would he have asked for any?

It is important to be competitive, but let us not loose the big picture of having an eternal life.

2. Are you the salt of the earth – Check foundations of your Christian principles?

Mark 9:50 When it comes to salt, a good meal is not possible without using it. Salt is important for humans as it maintains the electrolyte balance inside and outside of cells. Salt brings out natural flavors and makes foods acceptable, protects food by retarding the growth of microorganisms, gives proper texture to processed foods, serves as a control agent to regulate the rate of fermentation in food processing, strengthens gluten in bread, provides the color, aroma and appearance consumers expect and is used to create the gel necessary to process meats and sausages. So heavily processed foods usually contain more sodium and salt.

A substance can be beautifully packaged and if it is without the true properties of salt, it is useless as a cooking ingredient. Some times, you feel that the America is loosing its salt as a country that allows preaching of gospel, with the result that it is being trodden under foot of other countries. Mark 16:16

3. Find the savior that gives you real hope – Jesus Christ

Matthew 18:11 What does lost mean? People who have no hope, no peace in their hearts. People who are worried about tomorrow. People in sickness. People who needs loving care. People who are lonely. More importantly people who don’t know where they would spend their eternity. If you die tonight, are you sure that you will go to heaven?

Matthew 15:24 – How lucky are we to know tonight that Jesus Christ is our Lord and Savior?

Luke 15:7-9 Remember the joy of the father when he saw his lost son. If you have not accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, heaven is looking forwards to you tonight. Will you open the door of your heart?

Many people in our country are lost to jobs, sports, entertainment etc. The saved have a responsibility to save the lost.

In most GPS there is an icon that shows you if the receiver is getting satellite signals. Check your spiritual GPS today. Is your signal strength good? We all use mobile phones. If a mobile phone has excellent battery and no signal, you cannot use your mobile phone. If the mobile phone has excellent signal and low battery, still you cannot effectively use your mobile phone. Make sure that there is no sin in your life that would cause your signal strength to be weak or zero. If you have a good signal, make sure that your prayer life is sufficient enough to walk closely with God.


2 Corinthians 4:3

Are you happy tonight?

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