Summary: The Love of rich and pure, how measureless, and strong. It goes beyond the highest star, and reaches to the lowest hell !


Revelation 1:5-6, I John 3:1

This morning my subject is on something that we all need to know, that each of us need to experience. It is something that will change our past, and redirect our future. It is something that will ease the pain of broken hearts, and shattered dreams, and give us the peace that we need for our souls. It is something that will give us confidence that we are of value, that we matter, and that we are accepted by the one that matters most.

An unusual survey was done a few years ago, Participants in the survey were asked this question.......what 3 word sentence would you most like to hear or have said to you ? The top three answers pretty much sum up the needs of all of mankind. 1. I love you.....2. I forgive you.......3. Supper is ready. Doesn’t that pretty much sum up our needs. We have emotional, physical, and most importantly spiritual needs. We need to be loved, forgiven, and we need provision. God meets everyone of these needs. In fact he meets all of these needs because of one primary thing, and that is the fact....the eternal.....unconditional fact that He Loves Us. I want us to look this morning at The Incredible Love of God.

John says Behold what manner of love.......lets dig a little deeper into this word “manner” Dr. Kenneth Wuest in his word studies in the NT says that manner literally defined means........that the Love of God is is Out of this World. The love of God is unlike any other love that we can experience.....there is no other like it. It is greater than a mothers love or a father’s love....much higher than the love that one might have for a spouse. It is is is out of this world. Story: Grandpaw climbed into the baby bed ! The baby couldn’t get Grandpaw climbed in........listen....we couldn’t get out of this world but Jesus came into demonstrate, to illustrate, the great love of God....he became flesh....descended from the throne of heaven....and took upon himself the form of a servant...lived in this flesh for a little over 33 years, and then demonstrated the love of God in the greatest way........he died on the cross for the sins of all of humanity.

Here are some thoughts on the Love of God....and what that love will do in our lives IF we will accept it.


In our society we are all placed into different categories....Educationally, economically, politically, racially.......yet in the eyes of God we are all equal. No matter where we come from or where we’ve been.......we’re all on equal ground when it comes to the love of God. It reaches to the lowest places down in the gutter to where the homeless lie....all the way up to the castle or palace on the hilltop.....and loves everyone the same.

On the walls of an insane asylum were scrawled the following words by some unknown patient in the institution......”Could we with ink the ocean fill, and were the skies of parchmentmade, and every blade of grass a quill, and every man a scribe by trade: to write the love of God to man, would drain the ocean dry, nor could the scroll contain the whole...though stretches from sky to sky.......Even inside one of the darkest places on the face of this earth......the love of God reaches.......A distinquished lady was once asked which child was her mother’s favorite....her reply stunned the media.....she said my mother loved Johnny best because he’s the oldes, she loved Jimmy best because he’s the youngest, and she loved me best because I’m the only girl....which one in this church does God love the best this morning....he love’s you the best.....and you......and you.....and you.......he love’s all of the same.......we’re all loved equally by God....Jesus Christ died on the cross for everyone of us. Not only does the love of God equalize but


The great news is that God will not quit loving matter what. He has done to much, and given to much to ever quit loving us.

The Love of God endures time.....endures trials........endures transgressions. Some people live in fear that there going to do something in a relationship that will cause the person that loves them to quit loving them...but in our relationship with God that is a unnecessary fear....because the love of God endures ! It is continual, constant, certain.

In a everchanging world...isn’t it good to know that there are somethings that remain the same......God’s great love for us.......remains !

3. THE LOVE OF GOD EMANICIPATES. Notice the words...he has washed us in his own blood.....When we are saved.....our sins are washed in the blood of Jesus....we are cleansed....we are liberated.....we are set longer a slave to sin. This may be in feel enslaved, trapped.....and you’ve tried to break the’ve pulled, and you’ve stretched with all your strength, but to no avail......I want to tell you that you can be made free this can be emanicipated, liberated through the blood of Jesus Christ. If you will come to him this morning, and confess your sins, and receive him as Lord, and Savior he will break the chains of sin and set your free.

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