Summary: God’s Love will change everything if we allow Him to love us!

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• I hope that all who were able to come to Revival services came here this morning with a new or renewed passion for Jesus!

• Today we are going to build on what we learned during Revival as we continue in our series in 1 John.

• What is it that can change people? What can change a person who is selfish and self-centered into a person who loves others and puts other people first?

• What is it that can change who we are and what we are?

• What can change the person who is leading a destructive life into a person who has a heart and a passion for Jesus?

• There are a lot of lonely, hurting people in the world who need something that God wants to offer to them.

• People need to know they are loved by God. We need to be the harbinger or the ones who carry that message to the world.

• Love can change people; God’s love can totally change us and everything about us.

• I know the love we can receive from another person can make a big difference in our lives.

• Take a child and put them in a home where they are not loved and see what happens to the child when they grow up.

• I know the love my wife has for me has changed me in many ways.

• The ultimate changes that come happen when we experience God’s love in our lives. When we realize how much He really loves us and when we allow ourselves to accept the love He has for us, our lives will never be the same!

• When I met my wife, I was in need of a lot of changes in my life, Robyn did not make me change, my love for her caused me to want to change.

• When I gave my life to Jesus, He loved me, but He loved me too much to let me stay the way I was in the condition I was in.

• God’s love transforms us. Today we are going to look at “The Love That Changes” as we look at three ways in which God’s love changes us. The changes we receive as a result are a true blessing to us!

• God’s love will transform us as we do our part and God will most certainly do His part to make us a new creation in Christ.

• Let us look at 1 John 3:1-3 together this morning. SLIDE #2 then with passage 3


God’s Love Changes: SLIDE #4



1. God’s love is beyond wonderful!

• John begins this section by trying to get our attention. John is saying, “Quick, look” when he says “see how great a love…”

• One of the things we need to get a grasp on is how great the love God gives to us really is.

• The word “great” signifies amazement, a sense of awe and wonder.

• If we are going to let God’s love have an affect on us, we must first realize how awesome His love is! The love we experience comes from the Father!

• Think about the love the world offers. More times than not it is conditional. When we think of the Extreme Makeover theme, why do these people want to be made-over? It is because they do not feel loved and wanted because they are not thin enough, good looking enough, athletic enough to be totally accepted by the world.

• Studies have been done to show that tall good-looking people will get jobs over people who are not so tall and good looking.

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