Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: Be fishers of men.

Mat. 4:19 Luke 5:1-11

More important to catch men than some slimy fish.

Peter owned a boat and some nets but his business was failing. Because God called he could succeed catching men.

I. Something to be done by us.

1. Abraham separated to Him to pursue his object. We cannot follow Him unless we leave others.

2. We must abide with Him to learn to catch. How important it is to live like Him. He came to seek and to save.

3. His method must be followed. Launching out in the deed at His word will bring a great draught.

4. Go ye - teach all nations - what He taught, teach. He that hath ears to hear.

II. Jesus can do something with us. I will make you - mold you, fashion you into fishers of men.

1. By following Jesus. He works conviction and conversion in men.

2. By His spirit. He qualifies us to reach out to men.

3. By His secret working. He prepares the fish - if we launch out into the deep. At His word - launch out. Lost men are there.

4. The net of Jesus won’t break.

5. Some might evade it but some will be caught.

6. Will there be any stars in our crown?

7. These men left a boat load of fish.

8. If Jesus goes with me I’ll go.

9. His command. Follow me. Would you follow Jesus?

Be saved - join church - work, fish.

Come and shake my hand.

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