Summary: The diety of Christ

The Man and The King

The following sermon is in honor of my late Uncle Billy Banks, my mothers only sibling. To say that he was admired would be an understatement. He was a pillar to the church and to the family. While growing up I was blessed to have two sets of parents. I was raised on the family farm just across a little dirt road from Uncle Billy and Aunt Sharon. Their two boys, Travis and Jason, were the same as my brothers. One night during service I was sitting by Uncle Bill on the front row as usuual when he leaned over and gave me the foundation for this thought. He pointed out the fact that Pilate called Jesus a man and later called him a king. He said “Son there is a message in that, dig it out and preach it for your Uncle Bill”. I studyed and prayed for some time and eventually preached this message. I have preached it in several states to crowds from a dozen to a thousand. Never one time was this message delivered without results in the alter services that followed. Uncle Bill went to live with the King on March 14, 2012. It is the earnest of my desire to someday be united with loved ones in that eternal home and spend the endless day in the presence of the King.

The Man and The King

St. John 19: 1-18

Hebrews 4:12-16

St. Luke 2:1-15

To Mary and Joseph, Jesus was a bundle of joy that brightened their home upon arrival. To the writer of Hebrews, he was the hreat high priest. To Pontius Pilate, he was a mix of man and king. I hope that the following sermon will settle in the mind of the reader “who is this man Jesus who is called the Christ”.

There is no doubt of the fact that Jesus was flesh. This fact is plainly stated in (I Timothy 3:16 & St. John 1:1-17). The same verses also declare plainly that he was diety, infinite, and eternal. He was man but he was also God!

The fact that he was in personage as flesh did in no wise diminsh his spotless character, infinite power, or eternal existance. He was limited by the robe of flesh that he wore and yet all of heavens power was at his disposal. The complexity of Christ is so awe inspiring that it has confounded wise men for many generations; and yet his simplicity is so real that even little children understand and believe.

He was a man or flesh in these aspects:

He slept in the boat because of fatigue

He wept because his friend died

He had compassion on a grieving widow

He was hungry while fasting in the wilderness

He was thirsty on the cross

He died and was buried

He was a King in these aspects:

He calmed the storm be a verbal command

He called Lazarus his friend forth from the grave

He raised the widows son from death

He rebuked Satan and made him leave

He saved the theif on the cross

He resurrected himself from the grave

He is the Creator of the world that we live in (St. John 1:3). He is all powerful (St. Matthew 28:11). If we as mortals can believe him withour reservation accept him in every part of who he is the possiblity of miracles is absolutely endless (Mark 9:23). Jesus Christ by verbal authority caused the worlds to be formed, stopped storms, raised the dead, cast out devils, and healed the sick. He said to us “and whatsoever you shall ask in my name, that will I do, that the father might be glorified in the Son.”

We have record of 40 miracles, 26 healings, 7 delivered of demons, and 3 raised from the dead and John said in 21:25 that if all were recorded the world couldn't hold the books. So we see he is man enough to understand all our temptations, hurts, tears, and disappointments and yet God enough to do something about them all!!

There are over a thousand prophecies in the bible. Some eight hundred in the old testament and two hundred in the new. The old testemant was written over a thousand years, has over three hundred messianic prophecies, twenty eight to thirty writers in the old testamnet, eleven in the new testemant, written in twenty three different countries, and about sixteen hundred years to write it all and every single word is 100% accurate.

According to modern science rules of probability the chance of any eight of those prophecies coming to pass is one in one hundred trillion. This is like taking one hundred trillion silver dollars scattering them over the state of Texas with one of the being painted red and letting a blind man find the red one.

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