Summary: A description of the coming of the Anti-Christ, False Prophet and the Tribulation period

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The Mark Of The Beast And The Last Tattoo!!

Revelation 13:11-18


A. The United Nations represents a dream found in the minds

of men, of a unified world,

B. At this very moment, forces are in motion for a one world

government under one ruler-- a one world church under

one religious leader.

C. These events are predicted in the first half of Rev. 13 and

reveal Satan’s super-man, the coming world dictator.

D. The second half of the chapter tells us of one coming who

will unite this world under one religion and he is called in

the text: the "beast out of the earth."

1. This is the false prophet, because this is the way he is

referred to in Revelation 16:13; 19:20; and 20:10.

2. He will be the minister of propaganda or the press

secretary for the beast out of the sea.

a. He will be the "PR" man for the devil’s messiah.

b. He will cause the entire world to fall down and worship

his lord, who is the devil himself.

There are 4 reasons why he will be able to accomplish something no one else in history has ever been able to accomplish, and here they are:

I. First--the emergence of the beast.

A. (v.11) says, "Then I saw another beast coming up out of the

earth, and he had two horns like a lamb and spoke like a dragon."

B. We were introduced to the beast out of the earth, but now we are introduced to the beast out of the sea, who is called "another beast."

1. that word “another” means: "another of the same kind."

2 Beasts—2 peas out of the same pod

belched out of the belly of hell.

both are the devil’s puppets.

2. Like the first beast, this beast is also given a strange


C. He is described both as a lamb and as a dragon.

1. a lamb to represent his meekness.

2. at first -- soft spoken smooth talking operator, but sugar

will not melt in his mouth.

3. he will be gentle, gracious, and appealing to the masses.

4. told that he has horns, but a lamb has no horns.

5. horns in scripture represent power and authority.

6. As a lamb, we see his meekness by his horns we see his

might. but then we see that he speaks like a dragon.

8. he is malevolent and violent in his actions.

9. he will be an intimidator and an exterminator.

D. He will insist that all worship his master, the devil and

he will kill all who refuse to do so, he is literally a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

E. So the beast will be as meek as a lamb, as mighty as a

lion, and as malicious as a dragon.

II. Two--the POWER of the beast.

A. (v.12) says, "And he exercises all the authority of the first beast in his presence, and causes the earth and those who dwell in it to worship the first beast, whose deadly wound was healed." he has the same power, the same authority as the first beast. just as the first beast derives his might and power from the devil, the second beast derives his power and might from the first beast.

1. now this fact tells us of the kind of might that he wields.”

2. he will use his deceptive might and power to deceive the earth into worshiping the beast.

3. it may come as a surprise to you to learn that Satan is not against religion.

4. he is in the religion business up to his ears.

B. He wants to pervert religion, and divert religion until the only religion in the world revolves around worshiping him.

C. Daniel 11:36 tells us that the goal of the anti-Christ is to "Exalt and magnify himself above every god."

1. that has always been the primary desire of the devil.

D. Satan has always wanted to be like god, to take god’s place, to usurp god’s authority, to accept god’s worship, to wear god’s crown, to rule god’s kingdom, to sit on god’s throne.

1. the job of the false prophet is to lead the entire world to worship the devil.

2. the false prophet is the counterpart of the holy spirit.

3. the primary ministry of the holy spirit is to glorify Christ and to lead people to worship him.

4. it is his job to magnify Jesus and to exalt Jesus.

E. Well likewise, it is the job of the false prophet to get people to worship Satan and to magnify him and exalt him above every other god.

F. You see, just as there is an anti-Christ, there is an anti-spirit, Satan is the master counterfeiter.

1. just as there is a holy trinity, there is also an unholy trinity.

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