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Summary: Have we got the true marks of the Holy Spirit in our conversion? A look at the work and the true marks of the Holy Spirt from the day of Pentecost.

The marks of the Holy Spirit…Acts 1. 5.

The book of Acts continues the story where Luke left off in his gospel. This book covers the 30 years after Jesus was taken up into heaven.

The book really reveals the Acts of the Holy Spirit, which sees the church being established, the gospel spreading v8 all empowered by the acts of the Holy Spirit within his people v8. In accordance with what Jesus said to them before He ascended to the right hand of God.

It’s here in the Acts of the third person of the trinity God the Holy Spirit.

I want to spend my time today revealing the marks of the Holy Spirit in our Christian experience.

ACTS 1V5. For John baptised with water, but you will be baptised with the Holy Spirit not many days from now.

Fulfilment of what John Baptist said Lke.3.16. And Joel. 2.28,29.

Baptism expresses 4 ideas

Baptizo Greek word to immersion or plunge in water this outward act testifies to the inward reality of burial and resurrection with Christ. Col 2.12. Read

It also relates to the outpouring out of water upon a person, although this does not relate to the previous it can relate to the spiritual outpouring upon a person and thus spiritual baptised. Jesus refers Acts 1v5. Peter however refers to Joel Acts 2v16 –17

It can also relate to ceremonial cleansing washing of the body (Mrk7.4.)

Also initiation But I have a baptism to undergo said Jesus in Luke 12.50.So when we look at the word Baptism in the OT and NT it embraces all these ideas not just one of them. Mark 10:39

Day of Pentecost.

The Baptism of the Holy Spirit was an inauguration of the Spirit given at Pentecost, which came with great power and was manifested with a violent wind, tongues of fire, which rested upon them. Which in turn enabled them to speak in foreign languages.(Prophecy fulfilled.) v16.17. It was unique to that period… Yet the prophecy of Joel is doubled barrelled it has not been fully fulfilled as yet because once again there will be a great outpouring of the Holy Spirit prior to his return this is also to what Joel is pointing too not just Pentecost.

This baptism of the Holy Spirit would transform these disciples from ordinary men to Spirit filled men (as the Spirit enabled them.)As Peter preaches he sees 3000 converted v 41 and begin their own Christian experience.v37, 39.

We must be aware that this baptism of the Holy Spirit is not a 2nd baptism after conversion but that which takes place at regeneration in all. 1Cor 12:13.Read…

The Holy Spirit marks the beginning in our Christian experience, but its not the end either. From this point onwards we will experience times when God the Holy Spirit has filled us and equipped us in special ways at different times and in different situations to witness with power, all Christians will experience in fillings of the Holy Spirit Its not a once or a second its ongoing.

It was Jesus himself who said, “you must be born again.” We must be aware that without the Holy Spirit in our lives there is no Christian experience no Christian life and no Christian empowerment.

No matter how religious you are, like Nicodemus “we must be born again.”

Like these 3000 converted, previously they were religious people but knew not Christ until the gospel was preached in power of the Holy Spirit to them.

Acts.2:8. But you will receive power. Dunamis- miraculous power.

We also must receive new life. (Natural birth)

We have pictures of new life in the (physical world) we live in.

George Best the famous footballer before his death received new life opportunity with a new kidney.In the 1970,s Christian Barnard performed the first heart transplant and was able to give someone a new heart this in some respects gave the person a new life. And that is exactly what each and every person in here today needs a new heart and a new life not in the physical realm but the spiritual.

The surgeon who performs that transplant is God the Holy Spirit. The day of Pentecost saw the disciples and followers 120 and 3000 people experience the power of the Holy Spirit.

But what are the marks of this Christian experience?

Turn with me to John 16:8 –11.

1.Here we see the operation of the Holy Spirit in Christian experience

In regard to our Guilt he will reveal our sin and convict us of our sin this is a mark of true conversion in a Christian.

2.In regard to righteousness. He will convince people of the righteousness of Jesus Christ because whilst upon earth many rejected him and now he has been resurrected and he is at the right hand of God. The Holy Spirit will now convince people of His righteousness.

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