Summary: This sermon outline take a great look at two name of God and also a look at His Omnipresence. It is 1 part of a 3 part series. I also have a complete 10 part series on the names of God


 Intro: In Washington, DC, in the Museum of Natural History, there is a diamond called the Hope Diamond. It is a vivid, dark-blue diamond that weighs 45.52 carats. According to geologists, it is a diamond without equal in all the world. It was found in the 1600’s and weighed over 112 carats when it was dug from the earth in India. It is considered to be priceless. It is said to be a matchless diamond. However, there may be another, larger, more valuable stone lying buried in the ground. To say the Hope Diamond is matchless is to presume on the unknown.

 Michael Jordan is called the greatest basketball player of all time. It is said that there will never be another as great as he is. He is declared to be matchless in his sport. However, somewhere on some playground, or in some school gymnasium there may be a youngster who will shatter all the records Jordan has ever set. To say that he is matchless is also a stretch of the imagination.

 Albert Einstein is said to be the greatest thinker the world has ever known. He pondered concepts so deep that we could never begin to grasp. He has been called a matchless intellect. However, who is to say that somewhere in this world today there isn’t a child whose mind is so sharp and whose brilliance will dwarf even that of Einstein?

 The truth is, nothing in this world is matchless. Everything can be equaled or bettered by mankind. However, there is One who will never be equaled or bettered. His name is Jesus!

 In this text, the disciples are crossing the Sea of Galilee when a storm arises. Jesus is asleep in the boat and the Disciples feel that they are going to die. They awake Jesus and He speaks to the storm and the waves and winds lie at His feet as if they were little lambs. His Disciples see this great miracle and ask a question that declares His greatness. They ask, what manner of man is this?

 Throughout His life, the story is the same. Everywhere Jesus went, men marveled and stood amazed at His greatness.

 When He was just an infant, Mary and Joseph "marveled" at what was spoken of Jesus,

 His enemies "marveled" at His wisdom and doctrine,

 His Disciples "marveled" at His compassion and love for sinners

 The multitudes "marveled" at His power to heal,

 His enemies "marveled" at His word,

 His executioners "marveled" at the greatness of Jesus Christ.

 Things haven’t changed! Jesus is still amazing all those who come to Him by faith. To say He is matchless is an understatement. He will never be equaled! He will never be bettered! He will always remain the matchless One.

Tonight. by the help of God, I would like to take a few minutes and preach about Our Matchless Savior!


He is Matchless In:

Presence – (omnipresence) everywhere present

 There are 2 names that God has given to Himself that reveal this matchless characteristic: Emmanuel and Jehovah Shammah

 Emmanuel – God is with us

 The disciples knew this as they feared for their lives on the boat.

 They knew that God was on the boat, but their faith was overshadowed by the storm.

 We have faith that God is Jehovah Jireh (God will Provide) but the storms of DEBT overshadow His presence.

 We know that He is Jehovah Rophe (The God who heals) but the storms of pain overshadow His presence

 We know that He is Jehovah Shalom (The God of Peace) but the storms of confusion cloud His presence.

 But don’t forget:

 Just because you’re afraid, doesn’t mean that God is afraid, He was asleep vs. 37-38.

 Just because the storms of life cloud your view, doesn’t mean that His view is clouded vs. 35.

 Just because you can’t control the storm doesn’t mean that He can’t control it. Vs. 39

 Jehovah Shammah – The Lord is Present

 The word “present” gives the thought of God always being “conscious”. In other words, there is never a time when God isn’t aware of the circumstances. Even though He was asleep, He knew the circumstances. “Here in body but not in mind.”

 The Lord is omnipresent. He is everywhere present.

 You can’t get beyond God because when you do…

 You can’t get behind Him…..

 You can’t run from Him because when you get there…

 You can’t hide from God because He knows all the hiding places.

 He is matchless tonight because of His Presents. He can be compared to no one.

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