Summary: A study of the English word “Redemption” will enlighten our minds to see the cost of God’s redemption to his people trough the sacrifice of Jesus Christ.

Amor Dee

Text: Psalm 119:9

Sermon Structure: Etymological

Subject: Redemption

Theme: The Meaning of Redemption


Good morning… I thank the Lord for this privilege once more wherein I can share to you His word.

If you have your bible with you open it with me in Psalm 111:9, it says here, “ ……... ”

Let us pray…(prayer)

Man was made in the image of God. In intellect will and emotion. God made man perfectly as He is perfect. His ultimate goal is to have a perfect fellowship where He could relate to man and man to Him. But this was not achieved because man, God’s agent of this goal, fell into sin. Thus God’s judgment was pronounced upon man. But what is significant is that God did not abandon man after he fell into sin. God had a redemptive plan for his people.

Prop: A study of the English word “Redemption” will enlighten our minds to see the cost of God’s redemption to his people trough the sacrifice of Jesus Christ.


The English Bible word “Redemption” in Exodus 21:28-30 in Hebrew word “Koper” meaning, “laid on him”. If the bull gores a man... the bull must be stoned and the owner also must be put to death. However, if payment is demanded of him, he may redeem his life by paying whatever is demanded.

In Isaiah 53:6 “All we like sheep have gone astray; we have turned every one to his own way; and the LORD has laid on him the iniquity of us all”.

Let us remember that, after Adam and Eve sinned we had all gone from the path which God chose us to stride out. We were like sheep which have no shepherd, and which walk where to satisfy, with no one to pull together, look after, or guide then. Maybe one would wander in one direction, and another in another; and, certainly, being alone and unprotected. There maybe a time also that we would be exposed to the more danger. So it was, and is, with man. Within that problem or situation we need to bond in God, to have been united to the Great Shepherd, the Creator and the Lord of Host. We have become lonely wanderers, where each one pursues his own interest, forms his own plans, and seeks to please his own pleasures, regardless of the interest of the whole.

“And the Lord has laid on him the iniquity of us all”, and this is what the Lord had done. He places on Him our all iniquity. The sense is, that he was not prevail over by his own sins, but he suffered in our stead; and whatever he was called to endure was in consequence of the fact that he had taken the place of sinners; and having taken their place, he met or encountered the sufferings which were the proper expressions of God’s displeasure, and sunk under the mighty burden of the world’s atonement.


The English Bible word “Redemption” in Mark 10:45 is the Greek word “Lytron” which means the “payment of ransom price”. For even the Son of man came not to be served but to serve and give his life a ransom for many.

In 1Ti 2:6 “who gave himself a ransom for all; “It is the Lord Jesus who came and pay the price that we ought to pay. This also is stated as a reason why prayer should be offered for all, and a proof that God desires the salvation of all. The argument is, that as Christ died for all, and that the fact that he died for all is proof that God desired the salvation of all. Whatever proof of his desire for their salvation can be derived from this in relation to any of the race, is proof in relation to all. On the meaning of the phrase “he gave himself a ransom,”

Illustration: “The Lost boat”

There was man who is talented on making such furniture. One day he wants to satisfy his self and discovering best things to do. Finally he decided to create a boat (small). He works hard on it, consumed weeks and months. After all, he finished make the boat, he tried to let it float on the river. But suddenly there was a strong wind blew his small boat, during that time he lost his boat. He try to find were it is. But he never find. One day as he walked down in the market he saw a small boat that were being displayed and have written “FOR SALE – P10, 000.00”. As he looked unto it he feels that it is familiar to him, after all he discover that it is his boat. Don’t you know that this man work hardly; finding ways and resources just to look for money to buy his boat. He worked almost a year before he obtained and pay the price of the boat.

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