Summary: What is the Gospel about, how do we get it, and what mistakes do we make

Romans 10:1:21

Getting on the Same Page as God about the Messege, the Messengers, and the Mistakes


A. Back in June when I took my Oral Exam, I remember sitting there for about 30 minutes waiting for someone to come back and tell me how If I passed or not

B. Finally someone came

C. I got the Message – the messeage was I Failed

D. So my first reaction was to – blame the messeger

E. Then after I got over that my next step was to think about – the mistakes that I made

F. In this section of Romans Paul tells us about the message the messagers and the mistakes

G. When I took my Oral Exam and got the Messege from the Messegners about my mistatkes it was bad news

H. Today we are going to look at

a. The Message,

b. The Messengers

c. And the Mistakes

I. Good news however, this is not like my oral exam, this is Good news

J. Let’s dive into it

I. The Message (1-13)

A. Explanation

1. Just like last week we start off with Paul making a staemnet about his love and concern for the people of Isreal (the Jews).

2. He wants nothing more then anything for them to know Christ

3. Now understand something here, the Jews can never be accused of not trying, they try and try to live up to the law, they would get an “A” for effort

4. But the problem comes in when they are putting their effort in the wrong place

5. They were trying and trying to “do Good” trying and trying to follow the law

6. But as we have said countless of times the law does not save you

7. For if you break the law even one tiny bit once, you are guilty and deserve death

8. No one has ever been able to live up to the righteous requirements of the law

9. Paul does another smart thing again, he knew that the Jews would argue their point from Scripture, so Paul uses Scripture to prove his point

10. What Paul is effectively able to do it to uses these scipture passages to point out righteousness by works does not work however righteousness by faith does work

B. Application

1. These thirteen verses do an amazing job at emphasizing the difference between “law righteousness” and “Faith righteousness” or another way of saying it would be “Man’s Idea of Salvation” vs. “God’s Salvation”


Man’s Idea of Salvation God’s Salvation

Only for the “good people” For “whosoever”

Based on works Comes by faith alone

Self Righteousness God’s Righteousness

Cannot Save Brings Salvation

Tries to obey the Lord Calls on the Lord

Leads to Pride Glorifies God

3. The Jews were tyring to earn the Salvation, you can not question the effort

4. But their effort was in the wrong place

C. Illustration

1. Working at the Lighthouse I got the privelege of moving a lot of furntiture. I have found something out about moving furniture. There are certain ways of lifting things that will make your life easier. I have moved with some big strong guys that were useless, not because they were not physically able to do the work but because they would not lift at the right point. I moved with other people who seemed real week but they were able to move a lot better

2. It is all were you put your effort

3. What about you? Are you putting your effort into Man’s Idea of Salvation or into God’s Salvation

4. Here is what God requires: read 10:9

5. Sure is a lot eaiser, quicker and better then man’s Idea isn’t it?

II. The Messengers (14-17)

A. Explanation

1. Here Paul once again does an amazing job at caring out a logical argument.

2. It is really tough to realy on someone they do not believe

3. It is also tough to believe in someone they have not heard

4. and It is also tough to hear about something unless someone has said something

5. and it is tough to say something unless someone has been called

6. Now notice the wording here “How beuitiful are the feet” who here has seen beautiful feet?

a) Feet are ugly, espesically when you releasize this was written during a time were they did not wear shoes, they wore sandels, and walked through desert like conditions, I am sure there feet would be discusting

7. But yet Paul stiall calls them beautiful feet. Why?

8. Well you get this idea of a messeger who tell you good news. When someone tells you good news you have a hard time thinking anything bad of them, true they are just the messegeer but when it is good news the messeger is well liked

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