Summary: This is to let believers know that when they truly accept Jesus as Lord, there is a metamorphosis that takes place in their lifes.

The Metamorphosis in Us.

Colossians 3:5-17

Intro: Butterflies & Bullfrogs - (Describe how butterflies & Bullfrogs metamorphosis from catepillars & tadpoles to what tey are today)

Paul is telling the Colossian people that they have to let go of their old way of living and be transformed to the new life Christ gave them through His death and resurrection.

Metamorphosis is actually just a transformation that takes place in us. Once we come to the realization that we need Jesus in our lives a metamorphosis begins to take place in our lives and this metamorphosis is seen by others.

I. Our Old Life — Vs. 5-11

a. Our fleshly self — vs. 5-7 – Why do Christians have such a hard time of letting go of worldly things? We all have things that we need to let go of. Paul tells us if we do not bury them, we are being disobedient and “the wrath of God is coming upon the sons of disobedience.”

b. Our fleshly thoughts — vs. 8 – Not only do we hold on to fleshly things, but we also hang on to fleshly thoughts. These thoughts are from Satin and he wants nothing more than to have you think about something you shouldn’t and to say something you really shouldn’t. Satin is the instigator of all evil things.

c. Our fleshly works (deeds)— vs. 9-11 – Do not lie. Our works or deeds should not be based on a lie. When we say something to someone we should keep our word. This is what Paul is telling us (9). Since you have (10) we should not ever tell a lie. If you say you will be in Sunday school and you don’t show up, what’s that? If you say you will teach, mow, wash dishes, or what ever and don’t what’s that? It tells your character. This is what people do in the flesh, but Christians should bury their old selves, because of . . .

II. Our New Life — Vs. 12-15

a. Our change in self — vs. 12-13 – This is what happens when you truly give your lives to Jesus (12-13).

b. Our change in thoughts — vs. 14-15 – Our thoughts change when we start to love other’s as we love our self (14). We also change our thoughts when we start to let God rule over our hearts and we become thankful. This all leads up to . . .

III. Our Transformation — Vs. 16-17

a. By His words — vs. 16a – By knowing Jesus’ words we become richly blessed in wisdom.

b. By loving Him — vs. 16b – When we start to love Him for being our Lord.

c. By our works (deeds) — vs. 17 – When we start being living examples of His love for us by showing that love to others in what ever we do. If we are a garbage collector, if we are airplane mechanic, if we flip burgers, sell insurance, or clean toilets it doesn’t matter we need to be the best we can be.

Conclusion: Transformers – (Talk about the movie and how they change from cars and trucks to fighting machines, but in a Christians life the metamophosis comes about by Jesus Christ) The adventure of new life in Christ begins when the comfortable patterns of the old life are left behind.

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