Summary: Don’t be a middle of the road christian

The middle of the road

Revelation 3: 14-16

When you hear the term, “middle of the road”, what do you think of?

If you are thinking politics you would say the “middle of the road” means someone who is neither liberal nor conservative.

If you are thinking religion you would say the “middle of the road” means someone who is neither radical nor passive.

Or, if you’re here this morning with a neck brace, back brace, both arms and both legs in casts, with your jaw wired shut; you might say the “middle of the road” is where you met a 620 horsepower Mack truck!

To others, the term the “middle of the road” means half way. “I’m meet you in the middle of the road, or half way.”

This phrase is similar to that of ’sitting on the fence’, i.e. portraying something that is not sure enough of itself to go one way or the other.

It is like the politician who wanted the people with him. He kept in the middle of the road, and he kept his party there; thinking that would be the safest place to be.

But is that true? It is truly a place of compromise. And for a politician that may be a safe place.

But it’s not a safe place for a Christian!

Some people want to be a “middle of the road” Christian.

A “middle of the road” Christian is someone who is not extreme about their relationship with Jesus Christ; neither are they completely insipid in their Christianity.

They take the middle road. In taking the middle road they don’t have to give their all to God.

They don’t have to be committed; they don’t have to be faithful.

They are not totally unresponsive to Christianity, but neither are they excited in their relationship with God.

The church of the Laodiceans was that way. Jesus told them they were neither cold nor hot.

They were too good to go to hell, too bad to go to heaven.

The Laodiceans were in spiritual things cold comparatively, but not cold as the world outside, and as those who had never belonged to the Church.

They were not acting hostile toward Christ; and they were not being zealous for Him.

God would rather that men would oppose Him than be formal, apathetic professors of Him.

These people of Laodicea took the middle of the road approach toward living for God.

They had an apathetic attitude when it came to standing up for Jesus.

Jesus told them they were lukewarm; showing or having little enthusiasm, interest, support, or conviction.

There are a lot of people like that in the church today!

They come to church once in awhile but they aren’t enthusiastic about.

They come to worship but they have little conviction.

They come to church but they aren’t interested in the church’s programs or projects.

They come to church but they give little or no support in finances or any other way.

They are middle of the road Christians!

They are not completely out, but they are not completely in!

Jesus told the church of Laodicea that because they were neither cold nor hot; he would spew them out of his mouth!

A lukewarm Christian is offensive to God!

Let’s take for example a person who draws welfare money from the government, but is able to work as much as you and I. They draw their check, get all the benefits, all their doctor bills and hospital bills are paid for, they get free groceries, and then lay back and enjoy it.

Is that offensive to you? Does that make you sick?

Or, let’s look at another example; let’s say you are working on your job; you work hard every day, you give your full eight hours, you deserve every dollar you make.

But there’s an old boy who is employed with you, and he goofs off, he shuns his work, he is passive concerning his job, he sits down all day long and watches you work, but at the end of the week he gets a paycheck for the same amount as you do! Would you be offended by his actions?

So is God when we are neither cold nor hot!

Concerning that ole boy who goofed off all day, we would rather he get to work, nor quit and let someone else do his job.

Listen church; when it comes to serving God, He wants you to be fervent, eager, enthusiastic, passionate, zealous, fanatical, impassioned, burning, and intense!

There is too many who are sitting on the fence in the church today!

Too many who are taking the middle of the road in their relationship with God!

They don’t want to be completely out of the church because their conscience would bother them.

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