Summary: Notice these words in verse 32 - “Peter passed through all quarters.” They are going to serve as the basis for our thoughts tonight.


ACTS 9:32-35

The passage tonight turns from the dramatic changed life of Saul to a story in the life of Peter. Since the churches had rest from persecution, the apostles began to make use of this interval of quiet to visit the different congregations in order to build them up on the faith. This shows that their emphasis was on discipleship.

Of Saul, we hear no more until Acts 11:30, which is said to be about five years after his conversion.

Notice these words in verse 32 - “Peter passed through all quarters.” They are going to serve as the basis for our thoughts tonight.

Peter comes down to Lydda which is near Joppa. Lydda was an important commercial city. In this verses, we read of the power of Christ to make men whole.

I. The Discovery of a Problem (vs. 32-33)

When you go "through all quarters," you will see a lot of

problems. We will see people with needs and problems. Every church should exist for people in all quarters. The idea of targeting only a certain segment of society is not


We are to take the gospel to ALL the world. As Peter passed “through all quarters” he became aware of a need. May I suggest to you that as he went thorough all quarters he was looking for people with needs. The writer of Acts, tells us that Peter "found" Aeneas. It suggests he was looking for him. It suggests that Peter was seeking to minister to someone who had a need or a problem. Peter was willing to get involved in a need or a problem.

A. A Hopeless Man

The Bible tells us that Aeneas had been bedridden for eight. Eight years is along time to be sick in bed, day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year with no end in sight. No doubt he had tried every medical cure available in his day, but nothing had improved his condition. He was probably very discouraged and had no hope for a better future.

B. A Helpless Man

He could not help himself; he could not improve himself.

Men cannot save themselves. The lost need someone to share the good news of Jesus Christ with them.

III. The Declaration of a Person (vs. 34)

“Jesus Christ maketh thee whole” - Jesus Christ is everything that any man needs for time and for eternity. Colossians 2:10 “And ye are complete in him.”

Peter claimed no power to do it himself! He was Christ exalting. Believe me, any kind of ministry that is going to bear any fruit and have any kind of effect on anybody is going to be that one which lifts up Jesus Christ.

Don’t ever exalt yourself. Don’t ever credit yourself with the victories. Don’t ever lift up yourself in conversation, in your wisdom, in your ability to teach the Bible, and your ability to handle their problems, and yours and yours and ... always ... always, always exalt Christ.

A. It Was Through The Name of Jesus

The focus is on Jesus and His power.

The man had to put his faith in the power of Jesus.

Peter did not heal Aeneas; he was only used by the Holy Spirit to bring the healing to him. A proper focus on God would cure many of the ills of the charismatic movement with its unhealthy and misguided focus on sign gifts.

Peter, unlike many of our day, did not attempt to take any credit for this great miracle. He makes it clear, "Jesus Christ maketh thee whole." Why? Because Christ was only One who had the power to make this man whole.

This was really power! Just one word and this man took up his bed, while some of us for years have been saying, to our teenagers, ’Arise and make your bed,’ with no result.

B. It Was Thorough

There was no need for follow-up treatments for Aeneas! In the name of Jesus, he was completely cured.

Peter tells him to make his bed. What does that mean? Once and for all, it’s over with. Make that bed up.

God has power beyond any need that we

might have.

For a moment, let us step back from the story to observe Peter’s method of healing. For a moment, let’s step back from the story to observe Peter’s method of healing compared to that of modem faith healers. First, we notice that Peter “found” Aeneas. Aeneas did not have to come to Peter or to a meeting for his healing. Second, there was no large

gathering or big spectacle; no hysteria or hype. Third, the healing was immediate and complete; the result of one simple sentence. Fourth, Jesus was the focus. Peter made it clear that was Jesus Christ who would makes him whole

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