6-Week Series: Against All Odds


Summary: Mary, the mother of Jesus, saw mothering as a spiritual role, not just a physical one. Here she provides ’Power Tools’ for effective mothering.


John 2:1-11

INTRO: 1.ILL. G. Campbell Morgan was a very famous preacher of the gospel who had also raised four sons that also became preachers. The youngest son Howard, an excellent preacher in his own right were filling his fathers pulpit while his father was away preaching in London. While the rest of the family was together, someone asked Howard, “Who is the best preacher in your family?” He didn’t hesitate in answering, “My Mother”.

a. Spanish Proverb - “An ounce of mother is worth a pound of clergy”.

b.Mothering is in fact a spiritual ministry, a ministry whose value cannot be minimalized.

2.We see in the life of Mary, the mother of Jesus, how seriously God takes the role of motherhood.

a.When God sought to bring anointed vessels to deliver man, He almost always first chose a godly mother to bring them up.

b.Such is the case for such vessels of God as Moses, Samson, Samuel, John the Baptist, Timothy, and most of all Jesus Christ.

c.What distinguished such women as Mary apart from the mothers of their age, was that they saw their mothering as a spiritual role, not just a physical one.

3.In her ministry Mary used a number of “Power Tools” to impact the lives of her children.

a.Jesus didn’t grow up as the only child Mary had, but with brothers and sisters - Mary’s mothering was over a household.

b.We can see how throughout her life she had adopted the “Power Tools Of Mothering”.


a.Not only would she raise the promised Messiah, but many of her children would also be instrumental leaders in the early church.

b.In the life of Jesus we see that Mary embraced the potential that lie in her son. An experience that no doubt influenced how she dealt with her other children.

c.Your children, as well, is born with a divine potential - and you may be the key to their discovering that power.


1.One of the most joyful messages in the word, is the song of Mary as she rejoiced for the child that God had honored her with. (Not blinded by the vast responsibility)

2.In much the same way we should celebrate our children - in a selfish world that sees children as an inconvenience, we should let them know the joy they are to us.

3.Let them know that they are special, not just to you, but to God - a God that has a divine plan for them.


1. The bible said that the things she heard, she “pondered in her heart”.

2. She wanted to know and remember the promises of God concerning this child.

3. She looked for signs in her child of the potential he’d fulfill.

4.It’s a blessed child, whose Mother seeks out the will of God and lives to align her training with God’s plan.


a.She understood that there must be certain patterns that sown into the lives of her children.

b.When we teach our kids almost anything, we use the principle of repetition until we see that they’ve picked up on a pattern of operating. (Walking, eating)

c. The same principle must be applied to our spiritual training as well.


1.It was obvious that Mary and Joseph was devoted to Judaism, attended synagogue on the sabbath, attended the feasts, offered up the regular sacrifices, regular prayers.

2.It was said in one place that Jesus went to the synagogue on the sabbath, as were his custom - a custom built in his childhood.

3.We are building spiritual patterns in our children’s lives - routines that will stick with them the rest of their lives. (Prayer, faithfulness, giving, serving)

4.ILL. When I went off to college I abandoned my Christian upbringing and no one would have been able to recognize me as a former Sunday School teacher, but even after years of sinful living every Sunday morning, I felt like I needed to be in church - Not a condemning urge, but like something was out of place in my routine. A routine sown in me by my parents.


1.ILL. John Todd born to a large family in Vermont, at a very young age lost both his mother and father - many family members agreed to take the children, John’s aunt agreed to take this 6 year old boy as her own. She sent her slave Caesar to pick him up. As they rode together John asked the slave many questions concerning the aunt he never met, would she be up by the time they got their, the slave encouraged him that a light would be shining in the window and so it was - this aunt greeted him with a hug and a smile, fed him and took him to his room where she stayed until he went to sleep. He grew to be a great minister and moved away. Later his aunt wrote him of her impending death and wondered what awaited her.

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