Summary: Reconciliation


2 Cor. 5:17 – 20


• To reconcile your checking account is to make right the difference between your check book and the banks statement.

o If there is a charge on your statement you do not have recorded in your check book check your receipts

o Maybe the bank has not recorded a deposit you made if you produce the deposit slip and that situation is reconciled

• To be reconciled to God is to make right the difference between God and Man.

o There is a huge difference between God and man

 Righteousness vs. unrighteousness

 Holiness vs. sinfulness

 Purity vs. impurity

 Justice vs. selfishness

 His worst vs. our best

• It is the repairing of what happened it the Garden of Eden

1. God’s purpose is reconciliation vs. 18

“And all things are of God”

• from Gen. 3 to Rev. 22:21 God was accomplishing one purpose … reconciliation

2. His method was Jesus Christ vs. 18

“who hath reconciled us to himself by Jesus Christ”

• The purpose for His coming and purpose for his dieing was reconciliation.

• The fall of man was not surprise to God he planned it that way … then to provide them a plan for reconciling JESUS CHRIST.

3. He gave us the Ministry of Reconciliation vs. 18

“given us the ministry of reconciliation”

• One of the meanings of Ministry is “Agency”

• We are a member of the Agency of Reconciliation

• That’s how you and I got saved

4. We are the caretakers of the word of reconciliation vs. 19

“hath committed unto us the word of reconciliation”

• One of the meanings of committed “Delivered in trust”

• The word…The message…The Gospel of Jesus Christ

5. We are representatives of Christ for reconciliation vs.20

“we are ambassadors for Christ”

• Ambassador = Representative “Agent”

• The House of representatives act on our behalf

6. God Himself ministers reconciliation through us. vs. 20

“God did beseech you by us”

“we pray in Christ’s stead”

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