3-Week Series: Double Blessing


Summary: Tears are a gift of God. Tears can bless us, comfort us, convict us, and sustain us.

The Ministry of Tears

Luke 7: 36-50


The Value of tears. - This morning I would like to speak on the ministry of tears and the many ways that they are a gift from God.

I. Tears Are A Release Of Our Emotions.

1. There are Tears of Love. - Luke 7

2. There are Tears of Joy.

My wife can laugh until she cries. The day I became a Christian I wept uncontrollably.

3. There are Tears of Compassion - John 11:35 "Jesus wept."

II. Tears Can Be A Result Of Our Wrong Doing

1. There are Tears of Repentance

David wept after committing adultery and murder

Peter wept after denying the Lord.

2. There are Tears of Regret - Psalm 137:1-4

"What if"

III. Tears Can Be The Result Of Right Doing

1. There are Tears of Ministry - Ps. 126:6

Illustration - A young Salvation Army officer is so discouraged that he writes Gen. Booth saying, "I’ve tried everything and am about to quit." - General Booth wrote back, "try tears."

2. There are Tears of Service. - II Cor. 2:4

IV. Tears Will One Day Be No More - Rev. 21:4

Tears Serve A Purpose

1. They keep this world from becoming too attractive to us. - Ps. 30:5

2. They make us homesick for heaven.

No more Tears

No more Heartbreak

No more Suffering

No more Disappointments

No more Mourning

No more Loneliness

No more Poverty


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