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Summary: From time to time we the people of God determines the clout of it’s members by the boards or ministries they are on.


1 Corinthians 12: 24-31

From time to time we the people of God determines the clout of it’s members by the boards or ministries they are on. We revere our chairpersons and it meant something then to be a church officer. If you were a Deacon you had the pastor’s ear. If you are a trustee everyone needs your ear to gauge what could be spent for ministry. And although all that I’ve named has clout of it’s own. None can stand with a ministry that only function is to stand watch over the welfare of the church. While we can enjoy the service and rarely be interrupted, it is the Health Care Ministry that have swing into action at a moments notice, and not only jump to action but to know what to do when they get there. That is why we should stand clear of this ministry and let them do their work. Just the other Sunday we witnessed this ministry in action. Sister Childress had gotten over heated during the preaching moment, and instead of calling for the nurses two or three people stood over there signaling for everyone but the nurses. Now in that situation somebody should have kept their head and call for a nurse. But because of the actions of the messengers many went down stairs thus making matters worse because if she was getting fresh air at one point it would have been temporary because the flux of people would have cut off all circulation of air if it was any. But as I was preaching I saw someone call for Sister Drucilla, who they should have called in the first place.

Paul in this 12th chapter of 1 Corinthians is speaking of the body of Christ. He starts off in verse 12 by letting us know that the body is one and it have many members of that body, and verse 13 reminds us that by one Spirit were we baptized into one body. In whole he was letting us know between verses 12- 23 that no one member is more important that the next.

So, as we look today at this Ministry that cares. We should say that they are not irrelevant, but they are an important member to the body of Christ called the church.

First of all


“And God had set some in the church: first apostle, second prophets, third teachers; after that miracles, then gifts of healing, helps, government, diversities of tongues,”

We must note the word help. And it is located in the midst of the things that God Himself supplied for the church. The ministry of help is a ministry that makes oneself available to be used by God it event of a need.



“Are all apostles? Are all prophets? Are all teachers? Are all workers of miracles? 30. Have all gifts of healing? Do all speak with tongues? Do all interpret?

When it comes to ministries the last one people generally look to is one that they have to wear a uniform, and have a possible chance of attending people that might be ill.



“But covet earnestly the best gifts;”

You might say that the other ministries mentioned in this text are God given, and you are right. But the ministry of help is also God given, it is just low in what we think is important. And isn’t it amazing if you put our health care ministry in a hospital it would be the life line to many. You see we don’t expect to come to church expecting someone to get sick, after all if they do we can call for the Elder of the church. I’m reminded of something that happened at Peach Grove, and we didn’t have a Health Care Ministry. Mother Wright had called to the church and said that she would not be there because she was not feeling well and I prayed with her and went into worship. But as the choir was singing Mother Wright came into the door of the church and sat down in her usual place. So I figured that she was alright. But when I started into the message I saw Deacon Wright her son walking briskly over to her, then I heard him say “Oh no Mama!” ...


But I’m so glad that we have a health care ministry. A people that knows what to do in a time of distress.

Well I got to close now. And I must say Happy anniversary to the Nurses. Your jobs might go unnoticed and sometimes people just view you as a want to be nurses. But hang on in there. You might not be on any ones who’s who, but in the sight of God you are just as important. I’m reminded of the Master health care worker. He was over looked because of His humbled surroundings. He didn’t have a medical degree from Howard, or George Washington University, but the bible said that He had all power in the palms of His had. He healed the sick, and He raise the dead. He gave sight to the blind and He made the lame walk. He had so much power that when a woman touched the hem of his garment she was made whole.

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