Summary: We may not feel overqualified, what we feel will never have nothing to do with our qualification! If we’re ever going to see our needs met, we better start grabbing ahold of and standing on the fact that we have been qualified enough!

The Miracle of Now!

John 11:40 NKJ

40.Jesus said to her, “Did I not say to you that if you would believe you would see the glory of God?”

What does the glory of God mean to you?

*Is it food in your belly when you’re hungry and someone unexpectedly feeds you or buys you something to eat?

*Is it forgiveness you’re seeking from someone?

*Is it a miracle of healing that you need in your life.

*Is it financially motivated?

When God’s Glory shows up, do you always notice right away? Or do you witness the hand of God and only realize later what has happened?

The same God,

*who parted the Red Sea,

*fed multiple thousands with a child’s lunch

*caused the walls of Jericho to fall, with a trumpet blast and a shout,

*healed the sick, by the thousands

*raised the dead on many occasions,

*who also has performed so many miracles the number is unrecordable...

*and still performs miracles today, on a regular basis.

However, even with all of those accolades, some Christians doubt wether God wants to work a miracle for them today.

The circumstances they face are real! The pain and the suffering is great! But I want you to never forget, God is still bigger than any circumstance!

God is greater than any suffering and pain they feel and still on the throne meeting needs for those who can believe, AND...AND receive their miracle!

Did you know, Receiving is every bit as important as believing is, for a miracle?

Anyone can say they have faith and believe God can do a miracle! Having the faith to receive the miracle personally you are believing for is the realization THAT God loves you enough, to do what you are asking!

Far to many believe there are still miracles performed today, but they are not for them. That line of thinking is totally anti scriptural as pertaining to the reference, “God is not a respecter of persons!”

How could anyone, think their circumstance could defy the power and might of the One True Living God? Why would God meet the needs of others, but not meet their needs?

They may feel they are not worthy, okay I guess that’s a reason. But I would argue it’s validity!

Because if you’re a Christian, Jesus has made you worthy, because Jesus is your worthiness!

Whatever reason anyone can come up with, as to why Healing is not for them, is in no way a match for the cross and the finished work of Our Lord and Savior Jesus!

Whatever they think it is that unqualifies them, Jesus has already prequalified them in advance!

Jesus is their qualification! In fact Jesus has over qualified them!

Listen, we may not feel overqualified, what we feel will never have nothing to do with our qualification!

If we’re ever going to see our needs met, we better start grabbing ahold of and standing on the fact that we have been qualified enough to receive whether we feel like it or not, because of what Jesus has done for us!!

We don’t need any other reason, other than the fact we have Jesus and what Jesus has accomplished for us and that will always be more than enough!!

When the accuser reminds us of the so called bad hand we have been dealt. We need to remind him that we have a trump card! We have Jesus!

There’s no hand and there’s nothing new under the sun the accuser can ever come up with, that will ever be greater than what Jesus has already accomplished for us and provided for our defense!

Do you know why Germany, Japan and every other country America has ever been at war with has no fear today? Because we are still there defending them! Thousands of troops are still defending them!

Spiritually it’s similarly the same way with Christians

We don’t have to worry ourselves about our defense or defending ourselves against the attack of the accuser, because Jesus is and will always be defending us!

It’s time Christian’s everywhere took up the offense and the powerful, POWERFUL STRATEGIC STANCE of resting in Jesus capabilities!!

All we have to do is rest in what Jesus already did and realize everything Jesus did, Jesus did for us!

The scourging Jesus endured is enough!

The cross Jesus sacrificed His Life on is enough!

The pit of hell Jesus conquered, shaking the gates of and confiscating the keys of, is enough!

Jesus deliverance of God’s Grace WILL ALWAYS BE MORE THAN ENOUGH!

Oh there are a lot of Christians that talk a good game,

They come to church regularly, know their bible pretty good, hear the word and say all the right things Christians are suppose to say.

There are also a lot of Christians who are running around accepting a host of things, the accuser and the world is telling them is wrong with them!

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