Summary: A message on Jesus’ miracle of turning water into wine.


John 2:1-11

INTRO: Jesus was just beginning his public ministry. Jesus was at this wedding feast when they ran out of wine. He was asked to do something and he did.

There is a lot of significance in what Jesus did, and we need to see that significance to understand this first miracle that Jesus performed.


A. Jesus was a guest at the wedding.

1. Feast lasted 7 days — this was the 3rd.

2. The groom was not in charge of the feast.

B. Jesus appears to be unconcerned.

1. "What to you to me"? (literal Greek)

2. Perhaps this was the wedding of one of Jesus’s relatives.


A. Servants told to fill 6 jars to the brim.

1. Greek says: ( ) "fill them up to the up."

2. Jars were for the rites of purification, not for drinking.

You wouldn’t give a guest a drink out of the tub.

B. Servants told to draw out some water.

1. Not from the pots. Not drinking water.

2. Draw out in the Greek, means: "from the well," not the jars.

3. The man in charge of the wedding feast said: "This was the

best wine."

a. Hebrew: Yayin. Greek: Oinus.

b. 6 different meanings: Grapes, Grape syrup, Raisins, Jam,

Jelly, Alcohol.

c. Must be interpreted in proper text.


A. The number of jars present.

1. 6 stood for: imperfection.

a. 1 for unity, 2 for strength, 3 for complete, 7 for

perfection, 8 above perfection.

2. Jars for purification.

a. Filled to the brim. Maxwell House coffee commercial.

b. Jars stand for the law.

B. Drawing from the well.

1. From a source other than the last comes the "New Wine’, of

the gospel.

2. This was the "Best" wine.

3. Jesus fulfills the law, even better than the law. He

replaces it.

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