Summary: Through this sermon we will define what the rich fool did with the harvest God filled his barns with. We will also uncover three steps you can take to get rid of greed.

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Text: Luke 12:13-21

The Misfortune Of The Rich Fool

A. People invest their money in…

a. The Stock Market

b. Stocks and Bonds

c. Retirement Funds

B. There is no greater place to invest your money

than the Kingdom of God

C. We must beware of becoming greedy with what God

has given us…

a. Greed literally signifies the hungering and

thirsting of having more earthly possessions.

b. To make earthly riches the desire of one’s

life is a fatal error that leads to eternal


c. God will provide for our needs as well as the

needs of our family, however, while we labor

for our needs we must seek first God’s Kingdom

and His righteousness.

d. Through this message each one of us should

heed Jesus’ warnings, examine, and exterminate

any greed that exists in our hearts.

The first part of this parable describes…

A. The Rich Fool’s Conflict (vv. 13-17)

a. This farmer was given an abundant harvest

i. He had so much and he could not store it

ii. He had so much and he would never spend it

iii. He had so much would he share it?

b. This farmer was given an awesome responsibility

i. Someone has well said, “To whom much is

given much is required.”

ii. Would the rich man be greedy and shelter

his wealth?

iii. Would the rich man be godly and share his


c. This farmer had to choices to make…

i. He could choose to…

1. Help the helpless

2. Help the hurting

3. And he would be blessed eternally

ii. He could choose to…

1. Spend all his wealth on himself

2. Store all his wealth for himself

3. And not ever be blessed

d. What would this farmer choose to do with the

barns full of what God had so enrichly blessed

him with?

In the second part of this parable Jesus describes…

B. The Rich Fool’s Choice (v. 18)

a. The farmer choose to…

i. Clear away the old barns

ii. Create new barns

iii. So he could store all the harvest for


b. This farmer wanted to…

i. Build bigger barns to store his seed

ii. Build better barns to shelter his seed

c. Through making this choice the farmer…

i. Decided to build barns with man’s hands,

rather than

ii. Deciding to build barns with God’s hands

d. This farmer could of…

i. Saved his money from the construction

project and

ii. Spent his money on a for more constructive


1. Like feeding the hungry

2. Like sheltering the homeless

3. Like helping the hurting

e. The farmer’s greedy heart drove him to have

greedy hands and keep all his money for

selfish gain.

f. The author Ambrose once said, “The bosoms of

the poor, the houses of the widows, and the

mouths of children are the barns which last


In the third part of this parable Jesus’ describes…

C. The Rich Fool’s Confusion (v. 19)

a. This farmer assumes…

i. His life span is safe

ii. His life savings is secure

iii. His soul will be satisfied

b. This farmer is certain…

i. That life will be easy from this day


ii. That life will be entertaining from

this day forward

c. This farmer doesn’t realize…

i. That this will be the day he faces


ii. That this will be the day he faces the


iii. That this will be the day he faces

the judgment

d. This man did not attempt to…

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