Summary: The real joy of the anointed lies in the fact that his name is written in the book of life and not in the level of the anointing or the ministerial achievements.

Having been sent out by Jesus after giving them power, the seventy returned full of joy because they were able to perform unusual signs and wonders including casting out demons (Luke10:17). It was a fantastic ministerial feat that was worth celebrating - common men doing the extraordinary. The position of Jesus on this feat was however somewhat different and it is worth examining.

"I can perceive that the hell is let loose as a result of your ministerial achievements but do not be dismayed, you have my backing to triumph over every opposition irrespective of their spiritual make up or class. However, do not be carried away by this stance but be rather joyful because your names are written in the book of life." (My interpretation).

Those were the words of Jesus Christ to the seventy when they returned to Him to give a report of their activities in Luke 10:18-20. In those lines were infused words of encouragement, warning and advice. He was quick to tell them that Satan does not give up easily and the fact that they cast out demons would spur him (Satan) to want to unleash mayhem on them. He would recruit demons of various ranks and files against them in order to fight back and reclaim his lost territories (Luke 11:24-26).

Apart from the fact he (Satan) is letting hell loose to regain his lost territory, his coming would also aim at achieving one of his cardinal purposes of destruction of the saints (John 10:10a; 1Pet 5:8). So they must not allow the euphoria of their achievements rid them of the necessity of sobriety and vigilance in the work of the ministry.

While he was quick to warn them against being ignorant of the devices of the enemy, he also gave them the assurance that he was giving them power to overcome every power of the Satan. Even when those forces come in the multitude of a flood, the anointed has a divine insurance in the name and blood ofJesus and the Spirit of the Lord (Luke 10:19; Gal 6:17; Pro 18:10; Phil 2:10-11; Isa 59:19).

Another lesson for the anointed here also is the fact the the power was given. Jesus wants us to always acknowledge that the power was given to us and we must not be blinded by our achievements or successes to that very fact (John 3:27).

Following this assurance of victory over satanic forces is another word of advice cum warning. There seems to be a danger in a misplaced joy, the reason Jesus advice them against such. In Jer 9:23-24, God gave a like warning to the Israelites about glorying in the gifts that they had received of Him rather than rejoicing in the fact that they knew Him as Lord. Jesus warned the disciples against being lost in the euphoria of the power He had given them or the manifestation of it. He told them to rather rejoice in the fact that their names were written in the book of life.

The implication from the foregoing is that much more than the anointing or the manifestation thereof or the ministerial or spiritual attainment, the anointed must make every effort to delight him/herself in the things that please God. It is until you please God that your name can be written in heaven. Anointing will not do that neither will the resultant works do (Matt 7:21-23).The real joy of the anointed lies in the fact that his name is written in the book of life and not in the level of the anointing or the ministerial achievements. An excessive focus on the exploits is nothing short of vain glory. Rejoice rather that you are a candidate of heaven!

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