3-Week Series: Double Blessing


Summary: Church members sit and eat like sheep. Every Sunday, back to the dinner table we go. This is a Monday morning message, to inspire the flock to do something with what they just heard.

“The Monday Morning Message”

Matthew 9:35-38

I. There was His Ministry Vs35

1. Method

A. went forth

2. Place

A. every where

3. Work

A. teaching

B. preaching

C. healing

4. Message

A. the gospel of the kingdom

II. There was His demonstration of Compassion Vs36

1. He saw Crowds of people;

A. He was moved with compassion

2. Why?

A. they were fainted

1. (skullo) undergone 1 ordeal after another,

ready collapse

B. scattered abroad

1. (hrip-to) thrown out, beat down with hand

C. as sheep w/o a shepherd

1. lost, aimlessly wandering, no VISION

III. There was His call to the greatest Vision of all Vs37-38

1. the vision of a great harvest

A. not willing for any to perish, but all to come to

repentance (2Pet.3:9)

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