Summary: Without the shedding of blood there can be no remission of sins. Understanding the Blood Covenant. Why Jesus had to die for our sins.

Answers 2 Big Questions

The Most Important Concept in the Bible

Understanding the Blood Covenant

Scripture: Matthew 26:28


 We sing about the blood.

 We talk about the blood.

 What was the uniqueness about Jesus’ blood that He could boldly stand up and say, "Because of my blood the remission or forgiveness of sin shall be brought forth"?

 There was something different about His blood, but most Christians really don't know what that is.

Read: Matthew 26:28

• Jesus said His blood is the blood of the new ... what? New Testament; or New Covenant.

• There are lot of different things that happened in the Bible that most people do not understand why they transpired; at times myself included.

 Why did they circumcise children in the Old Testament?

 Why did they sacrifice animals in the Old Testament?

 All of this is in relationship to the blood covenant.

• There is a fact I want you to realize; our Bible is divided into two parts; the Old Testament and the New Testament.

 In the original languages it actually says "covenants": old covenant, new covenant.

 1. A covenant is a legal binding contract.

 This Bible is a legal binding contract; sent by God for mankind.

 There is an old contract and a new contract, but the new covenant is not wiping out the old; instead it fulfills it.

 Jesus said in Matthew 5:17 - Think not that I am come to destroy the law, or the prophets: I am not come to destroy, but to fulfil.

 It's like a man who's written his last will and then when he's 20 years older he updates it.

 He doesn't wipe it out but he fulfills it and he adds more to it.

 This is what we have in the form of the Bible.

• 2. The word "covenant" when it's used in the Bible actually means "to cut" or “to draw blood”.

 The old covenant established in the Old Testament was established between God and Abraham — established with blood; circumcision.

 The new covenant was established between God and man through Jesus Christ — also through blood.

• There are many different types of contracts, agreements, or covenants.

 One type of contract is my word; it’s a verbal contract.

 Another type of contract is a written contract; I sign a paper stating that I am going to do something.

 A stronger contract than a written contract is when let’s say that I am going to buy some land from you and we have four witnesses.

 Then the notary comes and puts their stamp on the paper and it becomes an official paper.

 That is a more serious contract.

 But there's another contract that's even stronger than that; it’s called a blood contract; considered to be the strongest contract in all societies of the world.

 The Bible, the Old Testament was a blood contract which is no insignificant thing.

• There are a number of reasons to enter into a blood covenant.

 Maybe I am weak and you are strong.

 Maybe I want your protection for my family.

 Maybe I'm wealthy and you’re not so wealthy but you’re strong and then my wealth becomes some of your wealth.

 In a blood covenant if you have trouble that means I have trouble.

• If you break the blood covenant what is the consequence?

 In many tribes if you break it; your own people will track you down and kill you.

 That's what a blood covenant is; it possesses strength to it, seriousness to it: for protection, for resources, for assistance, for relationship.

 It's not a small matter when you enter into a blood covenant with somebody.

• How does it work in the Old Testament and in the New Testament in dealing with God and man?

 The Bible is a blood covenant book; it’s something that God has initiated with man to help us.

 If you will not interact with God.... there are serious consequences when you won't enter into a blood covenant with the One who's greater than you.

• 3. What are the consequences of not entering into a blood covenant with God through the blood of Jesus Christ?

 Spiritual separation from God.

 Eternal separation from God and it's not a small thing.

 God sent Jesus and saw me and said, "I love you. I want to be your friend.

 I want to be around you. I want to have a relationship with you.

 I want to protect you. I want to help you. I want to give to you."

• This wasn't my idea; it was the Creator of the whole universe’s idea.

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