Summary: A sermon examining God's purpose for giving us the Book of Jude

Jude: A Letter For The Last Days


Jude 1:1-3

We live in a day where there are more means of communication than ever. We can communicate with one another through phone calls, face time, Skype, text messages, social media and email. These days handwritten notes are somewhat of a rarity.

That is unless you are a member of Stockdale Baptist Church. Hardly a week goes by that I do not receive a handwritten note or a book mark or a piece of clip art in the mail from Sister Katherine Hardy. She has one of the most precious ministries in this church. What is it that motivates her to spend so much time sending letters and cards to others? It is simple, she loves people.

Though love is the ultimate reason she does what she does, there are specific purposes for each letter. One may be intended to encourage you, while another is meant to make you smile, sometimes she sends you a letter just to let you know that she cares.

Tonight we begin our study of the Epistle of Jude and in this first session we will consider "The Motivation For Jude's Letter". I want us to walk through the text and examine why Jude wrote this epistle.

Join me in verses 1-3 as we consider:


Our goal this week is to understand who Jude is writing to and why Jude is writing to them. In the process we will learn a great deal about Jude himself and we will cover the fact that ultimately this message in this letter is a message to us directly from the Lord Himself.

Let's begin by considering the fact that:

A. THIS LETTER WAS INTENDED FOR THE SAINTS -v1b to them that are sanctified by God the Father, and preserved in Jesus Christ, and called:

The Bible is God's message to mankind. There are many portions of it that speak to the lost man. It is through the scriptures that we learn of God's amazing plan to redeem lost men and women. I am thankful that God has a message for lost man, it is because of His Word that I was introduced to the Savior. But the Bible is more than a roadmap to salvation. The Holy Word of God teaches the child of God how to live a life that is pleasing to God. It is through the Bible that we learn about what God has done, what He is doing and what He will do.

The 4 Gospels teach us about the life, ministry, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. The Book of Acts teaches us about the actions of the Apostles and the events in the early Church. The Book of Romans teaches us about salvation through Jesus Christ. The Book of James teaches us about true faith. The Book of Titus teaches us about Church order. The Book of Hebrews teaches us about perseverance. The Book or Revelation teaches us about the end times prophecies.

The book of Jude teaches us about the great Apostasy. Jude is an Epistle that is intended for the Saints. A saint is literally defined as "one who is separated from the world and consecrated to God". Simply put, a saint is one who is a born again believer in Jesus Christ. Therefore, Jude is a letter that is written to people who are saved.

I want to dissect verse 1 and 3 and see what we can learn about the Saints. First of all we see that:


There is no greater privilege in this life than to be called by God Himself. Think about this for a moment.... God called your name, the very creator of the Universe has called you out. He called you out because you are special to Him. This is seen in the fact that God sent His only Son to be the sacrifice for your sins. Jesus left Heaven and came to Earth and laid down His life in order to redeem you. He did what you could never do. Then somewhere along the way the Holy Spirit called your name. He came and convicted you of your sin and convinced you that you needed a Savior. He called you unto Salvation and offered you forgiveness of your sins, eternal life and a home in Heaven. My friend, you are special to God.

As Saints we are special to God and verse 1 also tells us that:

2) THE SAINTS ARE SECURE BECAUSE OF GOD - v1c "preserved in Jesus Christ"

One of the purposes of the book of Jude is to give us assurance in the days of Apostasy. Jude uses the word "keep" or "kept" 5 times in this little letter. We are not kept by our own power, Jude says that we are "preserved in Christ Jesus." In his study on the Book Of Jude, J. Vernon McGee uses the fact that Jesus is the Good Shepherd to illustrate the security that we have in Him.

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