Summary: When the thing propelling you in your flight through life deserts you; where will you be?

The Mule Kept Running

2 Samuel 18: 1-17

Absolam-the son of David. His father and maternal grandfather were both Kings.

5--Ishbosheth the son of Saul killed and beheaded

8--The Ark of the Covenant Returns

10--Mephibosheth is brought to his home

18--David commits adultery with Bathsheba

20--Amnon defiles Tamar his sister

29--Steals his father’s Kingdom

In Absalom’s short life his is a witness to the full spectrum of human nature. He sees revival, rebellion, adultery, conspiracy, murder, incest, rape, suicide, and more.

Absalom does as most boys will and follows the footsteps of his father or older brothers. It has been said that what one generation does in moderation the next will do in excess. In this situation at least, that statement would seem to hold great merit. Absolam commits all the sins of his father many times worse. Absalom mimics his father’s sins but as far as we know he failed to mimic the repentance and revival. It does not take Absalom nearly as long to commit these sins as it did his father. A young man that is confused and embittered is pushed by his turbulent life to an untimely fate.

David committed adultery and covered it up with conspiracy and murder. Absalom commits adultery with every one of his father’s wives and conspires in the murder of his brother Amnon. It seems this young man is bent to relive every sin of his father to an even fuller and uglier degree.

During all of the escapades of Absalom he is carried by the royal mule. The fine steed that bears this dashing young man was such that all men would envy. He rides him to the homes of women whom he defiles; he rides him to the conspiracy meeting; he rides him to the meetings to stage a palace coup; seems wherever Absalom is he is riding the mule.

On the fateful day in the wood of Ephraim Absalom is once again on his royal mule. His father who he despised had given counsel to deal gently with him. He had already been given mercy and allowed to return home after conspiring in the death of his brother.

The mule carrying the handsome young man with long flowing locks of hair runs under the boughs of a great oak. It almost sounds like the limbs and locks of hair grasp for each other as they hoist Absalom into the air; the mule keeps running. The very thing that had carried him, enabled him, given him speed and power now leaves him stranded and vulnerable with a known backstabber on the prowl.

You may have been a witness to sins that have left you feeling confused and bitter. Those feelings may have embroiled in your young heart until they like the mule are carrying you on your swift journey to destruction. You can follow the footsteps of repentance to revival instead of being left stranded by the feelings that have been your companion in your sins. The mule that is carrying you will leave you stranded in a vulnerable position someday. The mule will keep running without you.

The mule is a cross between the horse and donkey. The horse a symbol of power and the donkey one of rebellion. The mule is a mix of the two; making him an empowered rebellion. You had better realize whatever it is that is carrying you on your journey in sin will desert you some day. The mule will keep running!

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