Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: Teamwork always multiplies our effectivness for the King and His Kingdom

The Multiplying Effect of Teamwork

Catching the Spirit of the Leader

Intro Acts 16:10

Ephesians 4:11–13

Numbers 11:10–17

Numbers 16 is the Lord’s response to the problem

Leaders should always be part of the solution

Result of division Matt 12:25

1) No one man shows

Numbers 11:11 & 17

God never intended leadership to be a one-man show

Leadership is always team and always plural

2) God works through the visionary

v 16 & 17

God chose Moses – Moses chose the 70

God chose Jesus – Jesus chose the 12

3) Single vision or division

v 17

This is the Spirit of God

We must catch the spirit of the leader or go somewhere else

Not dictatorship – but headship

“Where there is more than one vision there is division – but where there is a vision supported and carried by a team there will be provision”

Gerald Coates

4) In–house ministries and out–house ministries

In house Out house

Proved Untested

Service Self-promoting

Character through accountability No accountability

Released – sent Went

Building the kingdom Killing Lions and bears

There is a need for ministers and ministries to be proved in service in the local context and with a local leader

I served Chris Wienand

I administrated the meetings

Everything went through me

My promotion came after 2 years

Heart issue

Service not ambition

Elisha was an in-house prophet

2Kings 2:9

1) Asks for a double portion

v 9

Why a double anointing?

He needed it to deal with Jezebel

You need a double anointing to be the lead guy on any team

Because as the leader you deal with issues of government.

Jezebel represents - Occult

- Witchcraft

- Illegitimate authority

- Manipulation

Strong government always deals a deathblow to these ungodly practices.

Every Jezebel needs an Ahab … a weak leader

1Kings 21:25

You need a weighty anointing to deal with issues of government

2) How did he get it?

1Kings 19 … Elijah runs for his life

Once again God’s response is to add team

Elisha joins Elijah …attendant to contribute to: He ministers to, serves, waits on.

a) He served Elijah as a Father

2 Kings 2:9-12

You will never come to maturity as a son unless you receive your spiritual leader as a father

b) He proved his loyalty

2Kings 2:4&6

I will never leave you

Are you a leaver or a cleaver?

Commitment is not known until it is tested

Relationship is not known until it is tested

Loyalty is not known until it is tested

c) This is the key

2Kings 3:9–12

Jehoshophat knew that there was an impartation that came with serving

Poured water on the hands of the prophet

Joseph had to serve Pharaoh Type of Satan

Joshua had to serve Moses

David had to serve Saul Demonized

Apostles served Jesus Ushers … sit in groups

A look at the life of David

1 Chron 12

David asks 3 questions

A) Have you come in peace?

Are you prepared to build relationally?

B) Have you come to me to help me?

Are you prepared to serve me and the vision God has given me?

C) Have you come to betray me?

Are you prepared to prove your loyalty over time?

These are all gifted men

Each one of them could have had his own thing going

Key: They can go around killing lions, bears and Philistines, but they are not going to build the kingdom until they have joined themselves with David (the one God has chosen to build the kingdom)

God has chosen David … and these men recognize it

1Chron 11:2

We must catch this principal if we are going to build the Kingdom

Comment on primary and secondary relationships

The task of developing leaders should be a priority for every leader

One-man leadership destroys leadership in others:

Stifles creativity

Produces spiritual midgets

Creates a culture of followership rather than a culture of leadership

Team members should have these convictions

1) Conviction that God has placed you here for His pleasure and His purpose

For your own good

Not for your purpose and pleasure

Not always back and forth

2) A conviction that places Christ and His people as their highest priority

Above your own desires and ambitions

Also above your own comfort zones

Must see ministry as away to give and serve

3) A willingness to take on any task to advance the team’s overall vision

Big heart

Big capacity

4) A conviction of loyalty that will stand the test of time

Loyalty and faithfulness make great team members

5) A conviction of faithfulness

Always faithful

6) A conviction of integrity



Will you protect both?

7) A conviction of availability

Requires good discipline of time

Crisis management … 2nd best … all that tells me is that you have not been disciplined with your time

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