Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: Jesus’ conversation with the Samaritan woman at the well about acceptable worship.


John 4:24

INTRO: The text that we just read is part of a conversation between Jesus and a Samaritan woman. This conversation related to the place of public worship. The Samaritans contended that God should be worshipped on Mount Gerizim, and the Jews contended that He should be worshipped in the Temple at Jerusalem.

The Jews were right. God was to be worshipped in the Temple. The Samaritan woman was right. God was to be worshipped on Mount Gerizim because this began the new dispensation. Let’s look at the way WE are to worship.


A. All places are acceptable to God.

1. At one time, Jerusalem was the center of worship.

2. Judaism was the national religion.

3. Christianity is now the religion.

4. The world is the hallowed ground.

B. Public worship should be conducted according to the Word of


1. We have the order of services as set forth in the N. T. (see

Acts 2:42, 46-47)

2. All other forms of worship are of mankind, and not pleasing to


C. Public worship is the duty and privilege of all believers.

1. Without it, God would have no army, no visible Church, no

visible family.

2. Christians would have no fellowship, and the ordinances would

soon be gone.

3. We would count it an honor to have a meeting with the Presi

dent of the US. Why not God?

D. Public worship requires due preparation, and right feelings in

entering upon it.

1. Preparation is always necessary before we start anything of

great importance.

2. The student prepares before his exams.

3. The pastor prepares before his sermon.

4. The businessman prepares before his meeting.

5. So much more are we to prepare before meeting with God.

a. On the way to church.

b. Before the services begin.

c. Self-examination as to our motives.

E. Public worship would be constant and regular.

1. Not once a week.

2. Not mere fair-weather worshipers.

3. Regular as to time.

a. Being late is the most common problem.

b. Can make it to work on time.

c. Interferes with others’ worship.

d. Lateness shows lukewarmness.

F. Public worship should be followed by reflection and prayer.

1. We must think on the things that God has revealed to us.

2. These thoughts must be seasoned with prayer.

3. We must not neglect this, lest Satan steal out the thoughts we


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