Summary: This is the second sermon in a series about Jesus being The Great Nevertheless. He keeps wonderfully surprising us. Using the Lord’s "nevertheless" statement in the KJV we get a delightful glimpse of our awesome Savior.

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• [Illus] – About 2,300 years ago Alexander the Great marched his army from Greece to India. Though the distance was long, his army was unstoppable. The only reason he stopped was that his men became homesick and wanted to return to Greece. That march had long ranging influence. The Greek culture and language became standard for over 3 centuries What Alexander accomplished is impressive especially when you consider that he did it by the age of 33. No wonder they call him Alexander the Great.

• About 330 years after Alexander the Great died another remarkable 33 year old embarked on a march. Like Alexander’s march this one was unstoppable. Of course I’m talking about Jesus and His march to the cross for you and I.

• How would you like to have a life goal of dying for others? That’s not quite the agenda we would like to see accomplished. Yet Jesus is not like us.

• Jesus is The Great Nevertheless. Last Sunday we considered “The Nevertheless of His Caring”. Today I’d like for us to consider “The Nevertheless of His Commitment”.

• Jesus invaded planet earth – against all odds and so many enemies – He marched forward, never faltering, never looking back – He marched all the way to the cross for each of us. In spite of all Satan and sinful people could do to Him, He continued on.

1. Jesus is a fearless lover (31-33)

• “The same day” is a very important statement. What has been happening?

o Verses 1-5

 Some told Jesus of rebel rousers who got it from Pilate – they got what was coming to them

 Jesus says I agree sin pays its wages, therefore you need to repent

o Verses 6-9 (Jesus’ parable)

 3 yrs of no fruit on fig tree – Master gives it one more year

 Time is short – you may have few chances left

o Verses 10-16 (Sabbath)

 Jesus healed a woman with curvature of back (18 yrs)

 Ruler of Synagogue criticized Him

 Jesus reminds him that he looses his donkey to feed him and that Jesus did the same thing - He loosed the woman

o Verses 17-21 (parables)

 He teaches how the corruptness of Israel will continue through the church age.

o Verses 22-30 (teaches)

 Listen to Me again – time is short – enter the KOG now or it may be too late

• “The same day” – What a time for Jesus. He preached His heart out. He tried to encourage. He tried to warn. He found few listening. Yet He still was proceeding forward. He was a fearless lover. Notice how:

a. Jesus was threatened to leave His mission (31)

1) The Pharisees had tried everything to trick Him and now they were trying to scare Him. “Get out!”

2) Why were they trying to get rid of Him? It probably had to do with the fact that Jesus was getting too close to them. To get close to Jesus meant to realize your own imperfections.

3) How about us?

4) The Pharisees told Him to leave town by sundown, or Herod would kill Him.

a) Herod Antipas was a powerful governor who had authority to execute anyone he desired.

b) A few months earlier he had beheaded John the Baptist at the request of his stepdaughter, who was also his niece.

c) Herod had nightmares that Jesus was actually John come back from the dead.

• But notice Jesus response.

b. Jesus laughed at those threats (32-33)

1) Jesus made a joke of Herod. He says, “tell that fox”. He was offering a caricature of Herod as a sneaky, cunning, predatory animal. That is actually pretty funny if you know anything about Herod. He was more animal-like in his passions than human.

2) This response reveals Jesus’ courage. He is a fearless lover. He indicated that He was going to keep on doing what He had been doing and Herod wouldn’t slow Him down.

3) In verse 32 He said He would accomplish His goal. His goal was to redeem sinful mankind – and He knew He would have to die to provide forgiveness. Nothing could cause Him to detour from the destination of the cross.

4) He wasn’t afraid of Herod because He knew He already had a date with a death, and it wouldn’t be at the hands of Herod.

5) Jesus didn’t die some martyr’s death over which He had no control. They didn’t execute Him; He willingly laid His life down.

6) Revelation 13:8 – The cross was not an afterthought of God. It was not “Plan B”, because Adam & Eve sinned. It was not the contingency plan – it was always God’s plan.

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