Summary: Today we will reference to the story of Saul and his transformation into Paul in the book of Acts. We will talk about how God transformed Paul’s life forever when he had his Damascus road experience. God used Paul to preach and teach His people so that t

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Reference Scripture: Romans 12:1-2

I. Romans 12:1a – Sacrifice – means to give up something.

Question: What makes me new?

 When I make the decision to give up and get rid of the old stuff.

 When I make the decision to give up and get rid of some people.

What are you willing to SACRIFICE?? CHANGE??

➔ Jacked up relationships

➔ Bad habits

➔ Money

➔ Talents

➔ Time

➔ Tendency to FEAR

Sacrifice and Change produces:

1. Character - The set of qualities that make somebody or something distinctive, especially somebody’s qualities of mind.

2. Integrity - Possession of firm principles: Completeness: Wholeness.

3. Strong Faith - Unwavering belief in God’s promises.

4. Positive Attitude – Finding the good and not sowing negative discord.

Living sacrifice vs. Dead sacrifice

In the Old Covenant – an act of worship meant you took an animal and sacrificed it on the altar. Now that Jesus has become our sacrifice for sin – we offer ourselves up not as dead sacrifices on the altar, but living sacrifices. The problem with living sacrifices, of course, is that we can get up off the altar. Sometimes we feel like we’re “giving it all up for God” but at other times we get scared or selfish and we jump down and say – not today God.

II. Romans 12:1b Holy (separated) Acceptable (pleasing)

What makes my change into newness acceptable to God?

• Everyday we have a choice to serve God – and we do it because we love Him. 2Chronicles 7:14 (IF) you have a choice.

My newness is acceptable to God when:

✔ I come into genuine fellowship or right relationship with Him.

Relationship - behavior or feelings toward somebody else: the connection between two or more people and their involvement with each other, especially as regards to how they behave and feel toward each other and communicate or cooperate.

✔ I come into covenant with Him. (not a one-way agreement) be a person of your word.

✔ My walk with Him becomes different.

* I run to church

* I eat, sleep, and breathe the Word

✔ I start being the influence and the INFLUENCED!

III.Romans 12:2a Conformed (shaped)

Conformed - behave acceptably: to behave or think in a socially acceptable or expected way the constant pressure to be shaped. Don’t be labeled.

✗ Don’t be molded or shaped into what the world wants you to be or who other say that you are.

Romans 12:2b Transformed (changed)

I know that there is a new me when my mind has been transformed from the things I used to do.

➔ I am not in a jacked up relationship anymore

➔ I will not settle for just ANYTHING anymore

➔ I don’t get caught up in mess anymore

➔ I don’t blame others for the way that I am

Renewed – Comes from the Greek word “renovation”

God has to renovate us from the “inside-out” Why?

IV. When the new me is working, I can PROVE what is that:

PROVE – establish the truth of something by providing evidence.

GOOD – What God wants to do for me is good, even if it doesn’t feel like it.

ACCEPTABLE – The more I know what is pleasing to God, the closer my relationship gets with Him.

PERFECT – This means that God has completed or matured me. God is transforming me into His image or His will.


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