Summary: This is the resurrection story as told by the angel that rolled away the stone ! Hear what he says !

The News Delivered By An Angel

Matthew 28:1-8


Adrian Rogers and his wife, Joyce were in Russia before Lenin’s tomb was torn down. It was an attraction for tourists to go through the mausoleum where Lenin’s body was on display. You probably remember that his body was in an enclosed casket that was open for viewing and they had kept it this way for many years.

Now you know that when Lenin was still in that encryptment, they would take him out every so often and they would wash him with a chemical. Of course, they never did this in public because as you know, you’re not supposed to wash your dirty Lenin in public.

People were given strict instructions that as they walked through this mausoleum they were not to speak a word. Doctor Rogers said about his wife, "she normal follows all kinds of rules, but as they got to every guard, Joyce Rogers said, "My Jesus is alive." Every guard she said, "My Jesus is alive. My Jesus is alive." And not one of the guards made any remark back to her.

That this morning is the news that we need to hear. It is news that we need to rejoice in. It is the hope that brings us all here this morning, and should fill our hearts with joy ! Our Jesus is alive ! Amen ?

This morning I want us to hear the message of the resurrection as shared by the angel of the Lord that sat at his tomb.

At dawn on the first day of the week, three days following the crucifixion of the Lord, the ladies who had trusted him, had followed him, and supported him, and had been faithful to him all the way to the cross, approach his grave to finish preparing his body. They came there that morning with spices expecting to find the body of Christ still lying in a tomb with a stone rolled over its mouth, and being guarded by Roman soldiers who had been put in charge over it ! They were in for the surprise, and shock of their lives. Because rather than finding the dead body of Jesus, they heard the news that energized, and encouraged their hearts, and that shook the foundations of the earth.

As they approached the tomb, the earth shook, and an angel appeared and rolled away the stone from the mouth of the tomb. It has been said that the angel did not roll the stone away so that Christ could come out, but so they could go in ! The anel whose countenance was like lightening, and whose clothes were as white as snow then sat upon the stone which he had rolled away ! The soldiers who were there to guard the tomb were so shaken by what had happened and by the appearance of the angel that they became as dead men !

The women approached, and the angels answered the questions that filled their hearts before they had a chance to say anything. Listen to the message of the resurrection as told by the angel of the Lord.

I. It Was An Instructive Message !

V6. .........Fear not ye: for I know that ye seek Jesus, which was crucified.

What is the instruction that he gives to those women who came ? It is a message that we all need to hear, and heed. It is the message of the resurrection !

To fear not means.........

a. to be calm.

These ladies having already experienced the events of the previous days were filled with fear, and anxiety. Their hearts were troubled over the death of their Lord. They became even more troubled at the sight that they saw as they approached the tomb early on that morning.

The message of the resurrection is stay calm.......have faith........don’t be troubled or anxious ! We can experience calm, peace, rest through any situations, and circumstances that we face in life because of the resurrection !

Story: Little girl looking in the window of the art gallery !

b. to be courageous.

The message of the resurrection should give us courage ! It should instill courage in our hearts because death was defeated. It is no longer our enemy, but a friend to the child of God ! It should give us courage because he lives, and is seated at the right hand of God praying on our behalf !

c. to be confident.

The message of the resurrection "fear not" should fill our hearts with confidence because Jesus can do what he says ! His promises are real, and certain. His words are true ! We can count on him. He will do what he says !

II. It Was An Inviting Message.

V6. He is not here: for he is risen, as he said. Come, see the place where the Lord lay.

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