Summary: How God advances His Children

“The Next Level”

Acts 18:24-28


Ø Do you know what the difference is between involvement and commitment? Just look at a plate of ham and eggs. The chickens were involved; the pig was committed!

Ø This morning, I’d like to preach a message to calls you to be committed, not simply involved.

Ø It seems there was a barber in a small local town who had been the only barber in town for years. Everyone went to this barber to get their hair cut. Then, one day a big hair salon franchise came to town and opened up shop. They advertised, “All Haircuts for $3.00”

Slowly, the barber’s business began to dwindle. He just couldn’t compete. In a last ditch effort to save his business, he hired a business consultant. The consultant spent a day pouring over the barber’s books asking many questions. At the end of the day the barber asked the consultant, “So what do you think ? Should I close up shop ?” The consultant said, “Not yet. I’ll be back tomorrow.” The next day the consultant showed up with a huge banner that he hung in front of the barber shop that said, “We Fix $3.00 Haircuts!”

Ø Some Christian have looked for an easier, cheaper way to the favor of God. There isn’t one. So, allow me to share with you how God can fix the $3.00 Haircut in your life, and take you to the Next Level.

I. Who God takes to the Next Level, 24-25a

A. A Person in the Word, 24 ‘mighty in scriptures’

B. A Person of the Word, 25a ‘instructed in the way of the Lord’

C. A Person by the Word, 25b, ‘fervent in spirit …taught diligently’

II. How God takes a person to the Next Level, 25b-26

A. Through the growth process, 25b

B. Through the relationship process, 26a

C. Through the maturing process, 26b

1. ‘more perfectly’ ~ “more accurately”, “severely”, or “rigorously”

2. Acts 23:15, 20

3. Acts 24:22

III. Why God takes a person to The Next Level, 27-28

A. He has future plans for us, ‘to pass into Achaia’

- There are places you cannot go, until God takes you to the Next Level

B. He has future ministries for us, ‘helped them much’

- There are things you cannot do, until God takes you to the Next Level

C. He has future challenges for us, ‘mightily convinced the Jews’

- There are battles you cannot win, until God takes you to the Next Level


Ø Has God spoken to you about going to the Next Level?

Ø Maybe your Next Level is …

1. Giving your life to Jesus Christ

2. Following the Lord in Baptism

3. Becoming a member of this church

4. Surrendering your life to Christian service

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