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Reading: Exodus Chapter 11-12.


• Some dates are etched into our memories:

• January 1st.

• February 14th.

• November 5th.

• December 25th.

• July 16th!

If you were Jewish one date you would never forget was:

• Was the fourteenth day of Nisan.

• The start of the Jewish religious calendar.

• The month of Nisan takes each spring around March-April.

• It is co-incident with Good Friday and Easter.

• Just as we mark modern history by B.C. and A.D.

• So the Jew would mark his calendar by the fourteenth day of Nisan.

In other words an event took place that changed the course of Jewish history;

• The event is want we call Passover.

• An event that is still celebrated today.

• As we will see over the next couple of months;

• Out of this event would eventually come our BOB (communion).

• So today’s passage is a foundation passage;

• That will give us insight into the weekly event we call BOB (communion).

(A). Background:

(1). The Plagues a warning ignored:


• Man fed up about being told by his friends that he is going deaf;

• Finally goes for a examination to get his hearing checked.

• The doctor pulls out a watch from his desk and asks;

• “Can you hear it tick?”

• He moves to the far aside of the room;

• “Can you hear it now?”

• He moves into the corridor;

• “Can you hear it now?”

• When he returns he says to the man;

• “You haven’t got a hearing problem, you just don’t listen!”

Nine times Pharaoh was warned by God through Moses,

• To “Let my people go!”

• He heard the warning but he stubbornly refused to listen to

• To bring home to him the serious of his condition;

• God sent nine devastating plagues upon the land:


(1). Blood (Nile River turned to blood).

(2). Frogs,

(3). Gnats,

(4). Flies,

(5). Livestock epidemic,

(6). Boils,

(7). Hail,

(8). Locusts,

(9. Darkness.


• With each new plague there is an increasing intensity:

• There is a gradual build up from discomfort, to disease, to danger, to death.

Remember that these plagues were a warning:

• Warnings are a sign of love and concern.

• God could have brought the worst plague first,

• But again and again and again (9x) he gave Pharaoh a chance to “Let his people go”,

• But sadly Pharaoh refused to heed the warning.


(1a). It is a Battle of the Gods.

• Often we forget that this was a religious contest,

• A contest between the true God of the Hebrew slaves and the false gods of Egypt.


• Every one of those 10 plagues,

• Was an attack on a particular Egyptian god.

• The 9th plague particularly was a special insult to Pharaoh,

• For he was believed to be the incarnation of the sun-god.

• Yet the so-called ‘sun god’ cannot prevent darkness over the land.

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