Summary: Brit Hume of Fox News got it right: No one says "What in Allah's name is going on?" No one texts "OMB" for "Oh My Buddha." Because only Jesus' name has the power and punch behind it to matter. Link inc. to formatted text, audio, PowerPoint.

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The Only Name

Acts 4:12

Acts 4:12

12 Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved.

Jesus. It's the only name people take in vain. The only name people swear by. The only name which stirs up such hate and venom. The only name which produces love in the hearts of many who speak it. And it is the only name that can save us!

This week Brit Hume of Fox News spoke that name in recommendation to Tiger Woods, citing his need of forgiveness and a faith that offers it. It was a personal recommendation given because he was asked for his personal opinion. But oh what a firestorm of controversy it sparked!

No one says "What in Allah's name is going on?" No one texts "OMB" for "Oh My Buddha." These facts help to prove the case that Christianity is the truth, and all else is false. Because only Jesus' name has the power and punch behind it to matter.

The truth hurts and the truth helps, but it never is neutral. No one ever tells an enemy to 'go to purgatory' for there is no jab found in saying it...for there is no truth in that non existent place. They tell their enemy to 'go to hell' ... a place they supposedly don't believe exists!

For 2,000 years the name of Jesus has not just reformed alcoholics, but transformed them. Purified prostitutes / made liars tell the truth / turned haters into lovers / turned wife beaters into docile men / made whoremongers faithful / cleaned up cursing mouths / has saved souls from hell!

Every other religion on earth has this in common: their founder is today dead.

But I can say: “I serve a RISEN Savior." And that's why it's the only name!

Our church sign a couple weeks ago said, "Many will say 'Christ' mas more than usual." Did you understand that? It was a play on Christmas, as well as a Spanish pun - 'mas' = 'more'. Many who never name the name of Christ said it much more than usual leading up to December 25. It is a powerful name we cannot escape.

Philippians 2:10

10 That at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, of things in heaven, and things in earth, and things under the earth;

No one will escape that name!

You don't have to say God's name and then attach 'damn' after it to take God's name in vain. We take it in vain anytime we speak it flippantly in a way in which we are not talking about Him the way we are supposed to, reverently, in truth. Ever heard someone say, "Jesus Christ" and it is obvious they aren't honoring Him in saying it? Ever called down a person like that? I have.

If someone spoke your momma's name in disgust or in insult you would defend your mother...have you ever defended your Father in heaven?

You wanna put someone in their place kindly, but effectively? Do what I did once to a man who said “Jesus Christ” when he was upset because a line was moving slowly in a store. I said, “It’s not His fault, it’s theirs!” [pointing to the help at the register]. “Yeah, you’re right,” he admitted.

The name of the Lord is sacred. It’s a holy name. At that name angels bow down / demons tremble / Satan has to flee.

The name Trump may open doors of finance, Einstein may open doors of brilliance, Michelangelo may open doors of art, but the name of Jesus will open to you the doors of heaven!

Romans 10:13

For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.

We honor names of military generals like MacArthur, Patton, Schwarzkopf, and others. We honor spiritual leaders like Billy Graham, Jerry Falwell, D. James Kennedy, Adrian Rogers, etc. How much more should we honor the name of Almighty God?!

Psalms 8:1

O LORD our Lord, how excellent is thy name in all the earth! who hast set thy glory above the heavens.

Psalms 25:11

For thy name's sake, O LORD, pardon mine iniquity; for it is great.

Psalms 111:9

... holy and reverend is his name.

It’s for this reason I don’t use the term ‘reverend’ with my name. Because the Bible says it’s HIS name...He is due reverence, certainly not me. I prefer Pastor Jerry or Bro. Jerry, but also answer to ‘Opie’!

We need to be reminded of the mindset of the Orthodox Jew in Bible days, concerning the name of God, as well as many Bible translators for centuries A.D., before the invention of the printing press. When these scribes would copy the Word of God, every time they would encounter a name of God, they would rise from their work table, go and wash, and often change their clothes, pick up a new quill never used before, and then proceed to write the name of God. This they would do every time, sometimes up to three times in a single verse. That’s how respected and revered the name of God used to be. What a terrible thing it is to ever drag His beautiful name thru the mire!

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Robert Nettles

commented on Jan 18, 2010

many people i feel have lost touch with real life nice message for a lost touched generation

John Williams

commented on Feb 6, 2010

I was saddened to see you write "the most used by the scum of society." God can never use you to reach this section of humanity, unless you repent. We are linked to the "scum of society," by our humanity and seperated from them only by the Grace of God. I was once a member of the "scum of society," but thanks to the Grace of God, I will never forget where I came from, so that I will always remember where I am going to. May God in His mercy and love, touch your lips with a burning coal from His altar. John Williams. In Jesus name. The rest of your message was spot on brother

Stephen Noel

commented on Apr 3, 2010

I do believe that the intent of the phrase "the most used by the scum of society" was pure in intent, since Christ himself went to the ''scum'' of society, and the pious of that day criticized Him. It is understood that the church MUST go into the World and to see the World reached by Jesus, and touched and saved by Jesus. ---Label it is....Truth it still is....always Paul stated...reaching literally into the flames of Hell to pull ''some'' out. We were all scum, and the only reason we no longer are, is Jesus! The Name above all Names! No need for repentance for speaking truth....very pointed message.

Everest Alexander

commented on Jun 15, 2010

Your message was accurate, powerful and timely. I was blessed by it and must say a big thank you for ministering this word. I do agree with John though, when I read that phrase I felt a check in my spirit and knew that it was out of place. Sometimes when preaching we can allow our passion to lead us a little off tract and I believe this is what happened here. Overall a very good and necessary message. Thank you brother!

Dale Morgan

commented on Dec 18, 2015

Oh please John Williams! He spoke the truth!

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