Summary: The only way we can fulfill the two greatest commands is through the indwelling of the Holy Spirit

John 14:25-27 (Those been away, didn’t want to get too far ahead, waited for you!) Want to make sure we pick the bones of this chicken clean.

Been looking at Purpose Driven Life, Warren deals with the five purposes God calls us to, what defines us, what drives us, what our passions should be. What we have in 13-17 is the original PDL. Jesus taking advantage of this teachable moment with his friends/followers to impress upon them the most important things about faith.

May not have noticed but we slowed down significantly when we hit 13. Over last 3 months I have sat in these verses, lived with them, chewed on them, cross referenced them, read the commentaries, wasn’t until last week that all of a sudden it hit me—the framework for this whole thing is Jesus teaching them about the two most important things in life: how we relate to God, how we relate to each other. Like a lens being focused.

Illustrates exactly one of the things Jesus says is available to us, that God provides the means for us to understand him, know him and to love him and each other—the Holy Spirit.

Already said he’s going away, necessary in order to fulfill God’s plan, but does that mean he’s abandoning us? No, going to send another paraclete, one to come alongside, the Holy Spirit. But not as a physical presence to simply walk alongside us, not just involved in our activities, but one who comes to live in the heart of each believer. As a follower of Christ you are never out of the presence of God because God lives inside you through the H.S. V. 17. Romans 8:9; 1 Corinthians 6:19, 20.

We need to live each moment aware that we are the temple of the H.S., God lives within, and is accomplishing all that he desires in our lives. A constant awareness of that fact would alter the way we think, the choices we make, how we view ourselves. It is essential that we understand who we are in Christ and what has happened to us. You cannot love God, you cannot love each other without the power and influence of God’s Spirit.

Here’s one of the things the Holy Spirit will do with the disciples. V. 26.

· Has a special meaning to those guys in that room. God’s plan is to use this rabble of outcasts, lowlifes, and insignificant people to communicate His love and truth to the world. Remember cramming for a test? A little late now for these guys to start taking notes. And we all know what kind of memory men have!

o Jesus saying two things here: 1. The Holy Spirit who is with you and in you will accurately remind you of everything that has happened over the past three years; 2. Teach you the truth of all you’ve experienced, explain the plan of God, show you the significance of the cross, reveal grace, what it means to be a disciple of Jesus. Going to share that story and truth with everyone you meet, and you’re going to write it down so that people through the ages can be rescued as well.

o This is a huge assurance for us—what we have here are the very words of God, given to the writers by the H.S. who indwells them, objective, absolute truth. It is trustworthy.

· Also direct application to us as well. The H.S. who indwells us opens up our minds and hearts to the truth as well. 1 Corinthians 2:12-16.

o When we read the Bible, not simply an academic or even recreational exercise. The H.S. is there teaching us, giving us insight, shaping our hearts, changing our character.

o At every moment of every day he’s there to help you understand life, empower you to make wise choices.

o To help you know God, to get arms around God’s grace, mercy, love. Continually reminds us of God’s power and interest in our lives, helps us stand firm.

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