Summary: 12 Qualifications of a Virtuous woman..

This message is Dedicated to Sister Lilly Sargeant. In The Bible we find The order of the Melchezidec Priests. There is even a Levitical Priesthood. There is an order of the Nazarene Priests. God did not leave out the Women.. We find in Proverbs 31 the story of a Virtuous Woman. Thoughout History there has been a Great Number of Virtuous Women. Today I Preached the Funeral of One of the most Virtuous Women I ever Knew, Sister Lilly Sargeant. I entitled i,t the Qualifications of the Order of Virtuous Women. I then Listed 12 Qualifications that Women have met throughout History to Qualify for Membership into that Most Prestiguous of Orders.

1. The Heart of her Husband doth safely Trust in her.

2. She shall do Him good and not evil all the Days of Her Life.

3. She is a help mate, who is not afriad to help work.

4.She bringeth Her Food from afar,Her Family is well fed.

5.She riseth while it is night and giveth meat to her household.

6. She raises Her Garden.

7.Her Candles does not go out by night, She is a good Christian.

8.She sew with Her hands

9.She lays up for winter, she is not afriad of the snow

10. She is a good Housekeeper, A good interior decorator.

11.She opens her mouth with wisdom. teach's her children the fear of God, She knows that the Fear of the Lord is the beginning of Wisdom.. Doesnt have idle time

12. Her Children call Her Blessed.

Only the most noble of women can qualify for the order of Virtuous Women. Sister Lilly Qualified in every sense, There is not a person in the Church that she has not touched in one way or another. She has left a light to follow, A path to walk on, and a Promise that We will see her again.. Our Church called her Blessed, Her Children Called her Blessed.. God blessed her with 96 Years. . As We gathered around Her Bed as She was Dieing, We softly sung the old Squire Parsons song that She song so many times through the years, Beulah Land. Her Face lit up with a brightness, She moved her lips and it felt like every Hair on My head stood up when the Power of Almightly God came down around Sister Lilly, As the Power lifted, the brightness dimmed and She went Home to be with Jesus.. Not since the book of Proverbs has there been such a Virtuous Woman. I was Honored in this life to have met a great Woman who was a Member of the Order of the Virtuous Women. I consider it a great Honor to have been her Pastor for the past 10 Years.

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