Summary: A look at the births of John and Jesus


Luke 1:5-80

INTRODUCTION: A Recap of Luke’s Introduction (1:1-4)

A. v. 1 - Many had written about the life of JESUS.

B. v. 2 - Eyewitnesses passed one their first hand knowledge of JESUS’ life.

C. v. 3- After careful investigation, Luke set out to write an orderly account of JESUS’

life for his friend Theophilus.

D. v. 4 - Luke’s account was to provide a firm foundation for Theophilus’ faith.


A. Gabriel’s visit to Zechariah. (vv. 5-25)

1. He was a FAITHFUL priest. (vv. 5-10)

* Zechariah = "JEHOVAH has remembered"

* Elisabeth = "GOD is my oath"

* 3 character qualities: upright, obedient, and blameless

* of the division of Abijah, one of 24 priestly divisions each serving 2 weeks a year in

the temple.

* "his lot was to...burn incense", a privilege given to a priest only once in a lifetime,

leading the nation in prayer.

2. He was a FRUSTRATED priest. (v. 7)

* Children are a blessing from God. (Psalm 127:3)

* Childlessness was a source of much sorrow.

+ Genesis 30:1 = Rachael = "Give me children or I’ll die".

+ I Samuel 1:10 = "Hannah wept much..."because she was barren.

* Like Sarah, Elisabeth was not only barren, but also old, beyond the normal child

bearing age.

3. He was a FEARFUL priest. (vv. 11-13)

* The appearance of an angel gripped Zechariah with fear.

* "Fear not" was the angel’s message to Zechariah.

* The angel promised Zechariah an unusual son.

4. He was a FALTERING priest. (v. 18-20)

* Considering his limitations instead of God’s power, he doubted, and asked for a sign.

* The sign given was that he would be speechless until the baby was born.

5. He was a FAVORED priest. (vv. 13-17, 21-25)

* God’s promise was fulfilled when Elisabeth conceived.

* Their son would be "a joy and delight", and he would "be great in the sight of the


* He would be a Nazirite, completely dedicated to God, drinking no wine.

* He would be filled with the Spirit.

* He would turn the hearts of the people to God.

* He would prepare the way for Messiah.

B. Gabriel’s visit to Mary. (vv. 26-38)

1. The ANNOUNCEMENT of Gabriel (vv. 26-28)

* The time: 6 months after Elisabeth conceived

* The place: Nazareth, a small, despised place

* The person: Mary, a virgin, engaged to be married

* The message: "You are highly favored...The Lord is with you."

2. The APPREHENSION of Mary (v. 29)

* She was greatly troubled.

3. The ASSURANCE of Gabriel (vv. 30-33)

* He gave her a blessing: "You have found favor"

* He gave her a promise: "You will be with child"

* Her Child would be a person of"

+ PARDON - "JESUS" = Saviour

+ POWER - "He will be great"

+ PREEMINENCE -"The Son of the Highest"

+ POSITION - "the Throne of David...He will reign"

+ PERMANANCE - "His kingdom will never end"

4. The ASTONISHMENT of Mary (v. 34)

* She was confused. "How will this be?"

* She was chaste. "I am a virgin"

5. The ANSWER of Gabriel (vv. 35-37) His explanation:

* The Spirit = "will come upon you"

* The Son = the "Holy One", "the Son of God"

* The sign = "Elizabeth... is going to have a child"

6. The ACCEPTANCE of Mary (v. 38)

* She surrendered to the will of God.

* She submitted to the word of God.


A. ELIZEBETH - One of only a few aged women to give birth.

1. Her condition was undesirable.

2. Her confidence was undeniable.

3. Her concern was understandable.

4. Her conception was unbelievable.

B. MARY - One and Only. She was:

1. Prophetically Predicted - Isaiah 7:14

2. Greatly Graced - "highly favored"

3. Honestly Humbled -

4. Surely Surprised -

5. Selflessly Surrendered -

6. Beautifully Blessed -


A. JESUS: (vv. 39-56)

1. Elisabeth rejoiced (vv. 39-45) - Her fourfold blessing:

* Mary is blessed - "Blessed are you AMONG women"

* JESUS is blessed - "Blessed is the Child"

* Elizabeth is blessed - "Why am I so favored?"

* Believers are blessed - "Blessed is she who has believed"

2. John rejoiced (v. 44)

3. Mary rejoiced (vv. 46-56)

* 1st verse - (vv. 46-48) She praises God for what He has done for her.

* 2nd verse - (vv. 49-50) She praises God for his character.

* 3rd verse - (vv. 51-53) She praises God for His dealings with the Haughty,

the Humble, and the Hungry

* 4th verse - (vv. 54-56) She praises God for His faithfulness to Israel.

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