Summary: The other thief shifts our focus from the more familiar thief. We know the one that ask Christ for a memorial. But what about the "the other thief" who died insulting the Lord?

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The text teaches many lessons. Let’s consider the following thoughts:

I. There are Only Two Types of People in the World: believers and unbelievers.

II. There is no Salvation in Physical Closeness to Jesus. (The other thief hung next to Christ without accepting Him) He hung next to the "bread of life" but would not eat. He hung next to the "door of heaven" but would not enter.

III. The Other Thief Spent his Last Hours With Jesus and Yet will Spent Eternity Without Him.

IV. Difficulty will Harden Some and Soften Others. (One thief’s heart was melted and the other became soften) The sun hardens clay but is melts wax. Isn’t this the very theme of life?)

V. The Other Thief Couldn’t Believe a Suffering Savior Could Save Him. (He challenge him to save him physically with no sense of his spiritual need of repentance.)

VI. Dying Will not Lead All Men to Christ.

VII. A Man that Doesn’t Fear God, Will not Fear Judgement.

Conclusion: We are all one of the two thieves. Which one are you?

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