Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: On His way to Jerusalem to die for the sin of humanity, Jesus had many encounters... this story details one such encounter!

First the stage is set in v.11 when the disciples/followers still show a lack of understanding in Jesus’ mission and the Kingdom of Heaven. They are seeking an earthly kingdom as they had been taught… and they were looking for it to happen the moment Jesus set foot in Jerusalem!

Putting this event into a timeline we can visualize… the healing of the blind man just outside of Jericho had happened, but just before they had reached the blind men… Jesus had to deal with a squabble among the disciples. They were arguing who was going to be the highest ranking person under Jesus.. they were looking to this earthly kingdom that they had been taught about all their lives. Jesus wants to clarify their role in the kingdom and so He shares a parable with them in v.12-27:

This story Jesus tells is NOT a story about their position or power in the Kingdom but their duty and responsibility in the Kingdom! It is a story of spiritual stewardship!

v.12 [read]- picture of , a crowning moment for Him. Have someone read Matt 28:18 and someone else read Col 1:15-16… Jesus ascended to take His place on a royal celestial throne!

v.13 [read]- slaves= . Here is a picture of God’s initiative and the fact that salvation comes FROM God… we are called by Him. Have someone read Jn 6:44 and Eph 2:8-9. These disciples were being given something by God to multiply… not money but their faith in Him… and they are called to do this until he comes back… not a def timeline.

v.14 [read]- subjects=those , those who do NOT believe Jesus is God’s Son, those who refuse to submit to His lordship! WE don’t want… human pride and selfishness… a cry out from the sinful nature of the human soul…

Like this still today, have someone read 2 Tim 4:3-5…give commentary

v.15 [read]-leap to the future…a picture of the

a picture of the coming day of the Lord where we all stand in judgment of Christ. Will be summoned before Him… and an accounting of our life will be required… This day will come for ALL of us… those saved and those who have rejected Christ! We all will stand b4 Jesus on the day of judgment!

v.16-27- reveals the outcome of those who serve and those who do NOT serve Him… of those who accept Him and of those who reject Him

v. 16-18 [read]- reveals 2 in their stewardship, but I want us to see what their reward was… it was more service to the King. We are called to use the gifts God has given to us to prepare ourselves to serve Him in a greater capacity… this then can apply to our lives here… and it is NOT only for the afterlife and the judgment day. Jesus will task us for service and then calls us into account FOR that service… if we are faithful, He will then give us MORE to serve Him even more…

v.20-26 [read]- seems too harsh for our taste… seems heartless and cruel… but the fact remains, if we are to serve God, it is a use it or lose it type service… there is NO !

God has called us all into service… God has set us all up with spiritual gifts and abilities and He fully and rightfully expects us to use them to serve HIM!

What about this 3rd servant? Is this a picture of one person LOSING their salvation? This servant does not display the characteristics of one who serves… His attitude toward the Master is and even accusing the master of in reaping where he did not sow… this is NOT the attitude of a servant, but merely one who with the Master.

Have someone read Matt 7:20-23, and comment on this story! This 3rd servant falls into the category that John describes in have someone read 1 Jn 2:4-6, 19-20… if he was truly a servant, he would have to the master’s authority… he would have relented to the master’s sovereignty to do as He pleases…

Ours is NOT a position to dictate what God can or cannot do…we cannot set morality for God… He is the creator and master and sets morality for US! This servant was NOT submissive, he did not believe the master was worthy to invest his time into… he was NOT worth his … because he believes the master will just ROB him of his efforts.

The other servants are fully and totally faithful understanding that ALL belongs to the master… they submit to his … but this servant is called wicked by Jesus because of his refusal to submit more so than his laziness and lack of production. One who works faithfully will be rewarded! This is illustrated in the actions of the master… this wicked slave’s heart is revealed in the accounting of his stewardship of the master’s task/resources.

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