Summary: Their is hope for any sinner that truly repents and return to Jesus either for the first time or after falling away from Him.

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- The parable illustrates the love of God for all sinners, and even thought He will not force them, but willing to receive them.

- It shows that gamine repentance can bring reconciliation and restoration of broken fellowship.

1. The Rebellion of a carefree son

2. The Reconciliation by a compassionate father

3. The Resentment of a Complaining brother

1. The Rebellion of a carefree son

- He rose up without a cause to ask for his inheritance, and to leave the house.

1. He confronted his father’s authority

2. He seeks for freedom and independence at a wrong time.

3. He despised the relationship and fellowship of the family.

4. He was attracted by the pleasures of sin outside

5. He was deceived by the present wealth and riches.

6. He was influenced by ungodly companions.

7. He was controlled by selfishness not considering others.

The outcome of his rebellion

1. He wasted all his resources.

2. He was forced to work for a stranger what he cannot do for his father.

3. He became very poor, helpless and lonely.

- Sin promises freedom, but only brings slavery,

- It promises success, but only brings failure.

- It promises life but the wages of sin is death.

2. The Reconciliation by a compassionate Father.

- The father is compassionate, but the son must return.

- Genuine repentance will result in total reconciliation.

- The steps to repentance.

1. He came to himself

- He personally considered his ways and got convicted.

2. He complains about no one or blame anybody

3. He did not cover up or justify himself

4. He was willing to endure the pains of the guilt and shame.

5. He turn his resolution to action

- The Reception by the Father

1. He was gladly received from afar off.

2. He was valued by his father

3. He was celebrated by his father

4. He was restored by his father

5. He was defended by his father

3. The Resentment of a complaining brother

- He was at home, but not with his heart

- The case of those active in Church, but harbor wrong attitudes, motions

- Possessing a religious and judgmental spirit, unforgiving spirit

- Not willing to rejoice at the restoration of others e.g. Jonah in Nineveh.

- A sign of self-righteousness and ‘holier than thou’ attitude

- He was not condemned by the father but encouraged and conforted.

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