Summary: An approach to why Jesus always speaks in Parables, its importance to us in this modern, highly technological world in comparison and in relation to the Pencil’s qualities.


Parable came from the Greek word parabole. It is an illustration of truth and making it clear by comparison with something that is already familiar with us and to the listeners as well. They impart instruction and rebuke without causing offense. Can you still remember when God told the prophet Nathan, and in turn the prophet confronting King David? Prophet Nathan used the Parable of the rich man having many sheep and the poor man having just one ewe? It’s a classic example...

It revealed truth in interesting form and made known mysteries by comparing with things already known. Parables also take truth away from those who hate it and do not want it,it conceals the truth from disinterested hearers and rebels at heart!(Mat.13:12).Parables were also used to fulfill prophecy as shown by our Lord in Mat.13:14-17,35.

So today, let us study the Parable of the Pencil as we compare it to our Christian virtue,qualities and purpose.



The Lead is the core of the Pencil.It is encased within. It is that part of the pencil used for writing. They were made just for this purpose.. the goodness and the vaue of the Pencil is the Lead.

When God created everything, there was this very common expression after each creation;"it was good!" However, ever since the Fall, all created things has been moaning together in the pains of the Fall. Jesus came, and all these pains and moans were finished on the cross and proclaimed of no effect anymore as shown by the empty tomb. The Lord ascended, and the Holy Spirit descended to continue forth the task of restoring to us the goodness of God, because just as Jesus said, "...No one is good but One; that is God"(Mat.19:17). When we accepted Jesus as our Lord and Savior, the Holy Spirit came and literally dwelt among us,virtually dwelt inside of us. GOD IN US!

The goodness of God is now inside of us.. the Holy Spirit.Just like the Lead of the Pencil, we have now a purpose,the"why"we live. Life can only be of value when we do what we have been created all along. The Lead had been inside the Pencil for one purpose:A WRITING IMPLEMENT.

We have been blaming everybody for everything, we blamed the system, the isms, our nation, the politicians, the economists, the media, our parents, our mentors, employees, co-workers, and oh so many things! But the truth is, unless we have the Holy Spirit in us, then and only then can we know that the ONLY solution to these problems is the change in us! There is only one solution: LET THE HOLY SPIRIT TAKE CONTROL OF US, AS WE WILL DEFINITELY BE CHANGED! Unless we be changed first by the goodness of God inside of us, our family would not change.Our community would not be transformed. If our community could not be transformed, then our nation would never metamorphose into a Christian nation! The goodness is inside of us. The goodness of the Pencil is in the Lead. The Holy Spirit is in the inside of us.


Inorder for the Lead to be of value and be of use; it must be sharpened.No other method can make the lead come out of its woodcase except by sharpening.

Abram was called by God,and he obeyed.He was given a promise to be the Father of many nations, to be a blessing,but as he came out of his country he suffered famine several verses later!

David was sharpened in the pasturelands, grew more closer to God through the murderous pursuit of King Saul.Yet he did not retaliate.

On and on, mighty men of God were sharpened. Christianity was born on a lowly Manger, suffered shame on the hands of men,agonized and died on the cross as a Criminal,buried on a borrowed tomb, ostracized on synogogues, fed on lions in coliseums, burned on stakes as witch... Oh,shame on us on aircon worship centers,on hi-tech musical gadgets, on instant milks, on mtvs, on the net... what pleasure we are now enjoying! We must be sharpened.. We must let the Lead come out of us through persecutions, trials,problems. Let us not settle for less. Let us not compromise our faith that Jesus exemplify. Let the Holy Spirit be the Holy Spirit. Let Him come out of our lives. Only by Sharpening.


Today’s English Version of Acts13:36 states;"for David served God’s purpose in his time.." The Pencil after sharpening should be used as a writing instrument, for that is the purpose why Pencils were made.The Pencil is capable of writing at least 45,000 words from the first letter to its entirety of existence.Like the Pencil, David had served God’s purpose. Likewise, we must do the same.Purpose-Driven Life books was a bestseller because of one thing; Ptr.Ric Warren had cut the jugular of every living individual to drive home God’s point of view. There’s inside of us a longing for purpose.Let us ask that purpose from God.Let us be reminded always of Jer.29:11. How will we leave this earthly existence? There will be no more David, because God created only one David.Let us live the example of David but definitely we have a sole purpose only we can do.We can only find it by constantly serving Him in whatever purpose we are in right now. Just let us make the goodness come out of us, it will flow naturally because the Holy Spirit will definitely guide us to the fruition of His purpose in us. How will we leave a 145,000 mark in our Christian existence? Zig Ziglar defined success as;"’when Jesus will said to us,’welcome My good and faithful servant!"’That is the most wonderful word we may ever hear as we enter finally the lasting mark of heaven.Let’s leave a mark of purpose as we leave this planet.

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