Summary: This lesson is intended to encourage teenagers to realize their God given talents and encourage them to use those talents to God’s glory.

Parable of the Talents

I. Introduction

A. What do they have in common?

1. Kraig Griffey, Adam Walton, Cooper Manning, Bobby Hull, Jr.

2. Ken Griffey, Jr., Luke Walton, Peyton Manning, Brett Hull

a.1 & 2 respectively share the same father.

b.Both are professionals: 1 isn’t an athlete & 2 is.

c.Their fathers were professional athletes.

3. Is one more significant than the other? No

4. Did God bless one and curse the other? No

5. Did God have anything to do with the way they turned out? Yes

B. Consider this

1. God told Jeremiah in Jer. 1: 5

2. Jas. 1: 17

3. God has a plan for every life and it is intended to be a part of His greater scheme.

a.I Cor. 12 exemplifies this concept in re: the church.

1. The body is many individual parts that function in unison.

2. Read vss. 20-23

b.We have a choice to be a part of God’s plan or reject it.

c.If we were all the same there would be no comfort in bad times.

4. God wants us all to be in Heaven (Jo. 3: 16) regardless of our measure of talents.


A. The Parable of the Talents (Mt. 25: 14-30)

1. Each is given something, money.

2. 1 Talent >$ 1000.00

3. Remember this is a parable so there are several applications.

4. The man went away after dispersing his money.

a.He came back and asked for an accounting.

b.He rewarded each accordingly.

B. Application

1. Not all talents/blessings are monetary/spiritual.

a.Sing, Pray, Serve, Teach, Counsel younger ones (spiritual)

b.Sports, Academics, Work, Obedience (being a good follower is as much a talent as being a good leader) (temporal)

1. First commandment with promise. Eph. 6: 1-2

2. Ex. 20: 12

c.Remember Jas. 1: 17

2. Not all physical blessings come solely from genetics. Remember the other brothers. God gives us as He sees fit.

3. The master went away giving them an opportunity to use their gifts.

a.Eccl. 9: 10 when we die it’s over; we can’t DO anymore we must then face God with what we have done.

b.Death or the Second Coming represents the return of the master.

c.God is no respecter of persons even though there is a difference in the number of talents He gives each of us.

1. He only expects us to do the best that we can with what Hehas given us. Remember the story of the Widow’s two mites?

2. Rom. 14: 11-12 We’ll give account of our own deeds not without excuse.

4. What are some ways we can bury our talents?

a.Laziness – practice helps us become better.

b.Thanklessness – God can pull the plug to get our attention; He did this to the Israelites on several occasions.

c.Forget where they come from – Samson

d.Mismanaging time – we are not assured of any certain amount of time on this earth.

e.Fear – lack of faith in God to provide strength

1. Failure/punishment Phil. 4: 13 Don’t forget that He is full of grace and forgiveness! God knows we are going to sin!

2. Of others – Rom. 8: 31b & Mt. 10: 28

3. God wants us to be successful. (Jo. 10: 10)

f.Abusing our bodies/minds – drugs, alcohol, sex, gambling, etc.

5. We can and should incorporate spirituality into the temporal blessings.

a.As Christians, we are to be examples.

b.No matter what sport or study group we are a part of we can witness to our peers about Christ.

1. Great Commission – Mk. 16: 15

2. Standouts must be Stand Ups!

c.We must be sincere and not do it for show as some do.

6. Some of us take longer to find our talents than others.

a.Sometime it takes adversity to bring out the best in us. (Heroes)

b.Sometime environment influences our pursuits. It’s influence may not be in harmony with God’s wishes and the talents He gave us.

c.Mt. 7: 7-12 God will provide! Sometime we have to be still.

d.God is patient. Rom. 15: 5

C. Why do some have more than others?

1. Remember what God told Jeremiah?

2. God will not overload us with responsibilities.

3. God will not give us something that would hinder us from getting to heaven. (I Cor. 10: 13)

a.Fame and fortune fit some. Examples?

b.Fame and fortune ruin some. Examples?


A. Jas. 1: 17 – all good gifts come from above

1. Not all gifts are spiritually related.

2. We have a responsibility to those also.

3. We need to thank God repeatedly for our talents. Eph. 5: 20

4. Christ used all His talents to glorify the Father; we should, too.

(Jo. 17: 1 & 4)

B. We must realize that not everyone has our talent(s).

1. We must realize that we don’t have everyone else’s talent(s).

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