Summary: We are the sons of the kingdom even though we at times act like the weeds. The reverse is also true. There are weeds that act like Christians but are really weeds

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July 17, 2005

Matthew 13: 24-30, 36-43

9Th Sunday after Pentecost Series A

The Parable of the Weeds

Grace Mercy and Peace from God The Father and our Lord and

Savior Jesus Christ

One of my favorite persons in the Bible is the Apostle Peter. I can

easily identify with him. Artists have depicted him as large and

rather hairy. He spoke sometimes without thinking -- He was

handy with the sword -- and he liked mountain top experiences.

More importantly --- He clearly stated that Jesus is the anointed

one -- the Christ -- the long awaited Messiah the son of the living


Jesus said that this statement of faith is the rock upon which the

church is to be built. Later, in moments of panic, Peter denied

Jesus -- yet Jesus lovingly reinstated Peter at one of His post

resurrection visits. After Peter’s Pentecost experience, he was

full of the Holy Spirit and he boldly stated -- while deep in hostile

territory -- I might add-- That salvation is found only in Jesus. (Acts

4-12). This confession of faith at that time and place was bold and

not “politically correct” -- Even today it makes people nervous ---

it offends some --they ask “ what about all the good people that

don’t trust in Jesus” ? The world and some compromising

Christians think we are narrow minded when we speak the truth in

love -- the exclusivity of Jesus as the only way to the Father is

however Biblically correct.(John 14:6) In Peter’s second epistle he

makes an appropriate comment. He said some people distort

scriptures, to their own destruction. (2 Peter 3:16)

Today’s Gospel reading has been misinterpreted and distorted by

some throughout history.

Verse 38 says the field is the world -- not the church -- this is

essential for the proper understanding of this parable. The good

seed stands for the sons of the kingdom --- those who trust Jesus as

their savior ---- the weeds are the sons of the evil one. Jesus is

saying that He will take care of the weeds when He is ready.

There is a message here for the Jews of Jesus’ time that might go

right over our heads but they would most likely understand. ---

Remember Matthew was writing from a Jewish world view for a

Jewish audience. The weeds represent the other nations -- the

gentiles. The Israelites had a long unpleasant co-existence with the

gentile nations. Slavery in Egypt, constant battle with other people

in Canaan and domination by world powers such as the the

Assyrians, the Babylonians, The Persians, The Greeks and at the

time of Jesus the Romans. The Jews were expecting a Messiah

that would lead them to military victory resulting in annihilation or

slavery for the Gentile nations. The nation of Israel was told by the

prophets to be a light to the gentiles -- not an executioner -- but the

message was not accepted. Jesus said in essence --- leave them

alone they are my problem. Christians at various times in history

have not followed this advice and have distorted these words of

scripture. For example much of Europe was evangelized by the

sword. Maybe that explains why that after only 11 or 12 centuries

-- a day or two in God’s perspective -- most Europeans are

Christian in name only and the churches are for the most part


The message of the Bible clearly states to trust in Jesus for our

salvation -- For it is by Grace that we have been saved --through

faith -- We can not save ourselves.

Remember, the field is the world --- not the church -- as we trust

Jesus for our salvation we can also trust Him to deal with the

weeds in the world at a time of His choosing not ours.

Admittedly, our world situation makes this a difficult task at times.

We look in certain places and from a distance see all weeds and no

wheat. The weeds -- the sons of the evil one -- demonstrate

hostility towards us and cause injury and death. For now we can

and should defend ourselves --but Jesus will see that they are

thrown into the fiery furnace. This will happen on Jesus’ schedule

and by His will not ours. It may, after all, be His plan that their

hearts be changed. Jesus does not want us, in our misplaced zeal,

to cut short any man’s time of Grace.

Are there weeds in the Church? -- Todays lesson does not deal

with this issue. -- We need to make distinctions here -- remember

the weeds are the sons of the evil one -- not the sons of the

kingdom who are beggars at the foot of the cross -- trusting in Jesus

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